Does Snap Fitness Have Sauna or Steam Rooms? (Cost & Amenities)

Snap Fitness is a health and fitness club that operates in over 45 countries. It is ideal for beginners who want to work out in a non-competitive environment. It has over 2000 centers throughout the globe and has been gaining more and more popularity over the past few years. 

Snap Fitness does not have any sauna or steam room facilities in any of its centers. The fitness club lacks amenities like basketball courts, pools, tanning beds, and hydromassage chairs. Even shower rooms and lockers are available only at certain locations. 

Although Snap Fitness does not offer sauna and steam room facilities, there are plenty of other fitness clubs that do. Here’s a list of all gyms that offer such facilities. 

Some of you are probably interested in joining the gym even if it doesn’t have a sauna or steam room. So in the rest of the article, we are taking a look at the different amenities that Snap Fitness offer along with their membership fees and membership policies. 

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Snap Fitness Amenities

Compared to gyms like Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness, Snap Fitness offers only a few amenities. If you are fine with the limited number of amenities then sign up for Snap Fitness. 

Now, let’s take a look at all the amenities that Snap Fitness offers. 


There isn’t too much equipment at Snap Fitness centers but you will find a decent selection of free weights and machines, like treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals. 

The gym manufactures its own dumbbells that range between 5 to 100 pounds in weight.

Some centers use Matrix cardio machines and others use Cybex machines. They even have cardio machines from Octane. On the Matrix machine, you can watch YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. 

In some Snap Fitness gyms, you can also find bench press stations, sleds, turf areas, TRX ropes, and battle ropes. 


Want to take a quick shower after a grueling workout? For many gym-goers having a shower at the gym is essential. But unfortunately not all Snap Fitness centers offer shower facilities although most centers do have changing rooms. 

So you better call or visit the nearest Snap Fitness center to learn if there are shower rooms available. 


Lockers help you keep your belongings safe while you are working out. But not many Snap Fitness centers offer locker facilities so if you have a gym bag, keeping it safe will be a challenge if the center nearest to you does not have locker facilities. 

If having a locker is super essential then, reach out to your nearest Snap Fitness center to learn if they offer locker facilities. 

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Visiting the gym on a regular basis is difficult for parents with young children. This is why gyms have childcare centers but when it comes to Snap Fitness, only a couple of centers have childcare.

Like the two previous amenities, if you want to access childcare, you will need to ask the nearest Snap Fitness center whether they offer such facilities. 

Tanning Beds

If you want to maintain the summer tan throughout the year, then go for the tanning bed experience. The only problem is, that you will find them only at certain Snap Fitness centers. 

If the center near your location has a tanning bed, then give it a try. The beds are operated by certified professionals and before you use the bed, you will be given a goggle to protect your eye and a tanning lotion to enhance the result. 

HydroMassage Chairs

Like the tanning bed, hydromassage chairs are rare and could be found in only a few Snap Fitness centers. Using a hydromassage will help you relax and recover following a grueling workout session.

These chairs are operated by certified professionals and you will need to pay extra to be able to use it. 

Yoga Classes 

You won’t find a dedicated Yoga Studio at Snap Fitness but they do offer yoga classes. The classes are conducted by certified yoga teachers but, you may have already guessed it, not all Snap Fitness centers offer yoga classes.

Find your nearest Snap Fitness center and check if they offer yoga classes.

With that, we have listed down all the amenities that Snap Fitness offers. 

Snap Fitness Membership Fee

Snap Fitness is not the cheapest gym in the country but it certainly isn’t the most expensive one. The membership fee varies from location to location but on average the price for membership ranges between $35-$40 per month. 

You will very likely have to pay an initiation fee and access card fee that ranges between $50-$130. And if your credit card is declined, you will need to pay an extra fee of $5. 

It’s probably worth noting that most centers have monthly and yearly payment models. If you have signed up for a year and want to cancel your membership for some reason, a cancellation fee of $75 is required. 

For members who relocate and can’t find a Snap Fitness center within 25 miles, the gym issues a refund of a portion of the membership fee. 

But if you don’t want to cancel your membership then you have the option to freeze your account for up to 3 months. You will need to inform 5 days before your next billing cycle. But keep in mind, that memberships can be frozen only once a year. 

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How to Find Snap Fitness Gyms

To find a Snap Fitness gym near you, open this site and insert your zip code or city name. It’ll show you the centers nearest to your place along with the phone number and address. 

Every center has an individual website that you can visit and you can become a member of the center by clicking on the Join button. 

However, before you signup, we recommend calling or visiting the center and having all your queries answered. 

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Snap Fitness does not have a sauna or steam room facility. Nor does it have amenities like a pool, or basketball courts. And only about 20% of Snap Fitness centers have shower rooms and locker facilities. However, it does offer 24×7 access. 

The fee is on par with gyms like Anytime Fitness. But compared to gyms like Crunch Fitness, Snap Fitness offer fewer amenities but the membership fee is quite high. 

So if you want to join a gym, go for the ones that offer sauna and steam facilities for almost the same fee. We have a separate article covering those gyms. Take a look. 

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