Does Esporta Have a Sauna or Steam Room? (Cost & Amenities)

A health club can give you access to many membership benefits such as weight rooms, pools, personal trainers, or group exercise classes. That’s why Esporta Fitness is a great fit for many people looking for an affordable fitness center with many attractive benefits.

Esporta fitness not only has gender-exclusive saunas that are accessible from the men’s and women’s locker rooms, but it also offers other relaxing amenities such as a hot tub, a treatment room, and a swimming pool. Bake the stress out of sore muscles with the health club’s Swedish sauna, get steamed up in the Jacuzzi, or plunge into the refreshing depths of the Olympic-sized swimming pool.  

Check out the full membership benefits at Esporta Fitness Clubs, which range from spa sessions to fitness rooms, and are available in 277 locations across 27 U. S. states and Canada. 

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Esporta Fitness Clubs Amenities

Weight Room

It’s not all just about weights at Esporta’s fitness centers.  

You can use state-of-the-art strength, weights, or cardio equipment to strengthen your muscles, burn fat, or build endurance to get a healthier body.

Personal Trainers

Track, stay accountable, and reach your fitness goals with a certified personal trainer. They can personalize a fitness assessment, do a body composition test, and help you reach your goals faster during one-on-one sessions.

Group Fitness Classes

Participate in unlimited group exercise classes at Esporta’s health club.

Choose from gentle cardio Aquafit classes to Body Works Plus Abs total body workouts, Cycling, Mat Pilates, Kickboxing, Boot Camp training, Kickbox Cardio, fat-burning Power Circuit, Body Balance, pump it up with BodyPump barbell workouts, get toned with CORE, do HIIT training on a bike, flow through a yoga class, or get in shape with a Zumba dance party.


Discover the world of Esporta’s indoor, Junior Olympic-size heated pools. Enjoy an Aquafit class or check out the 3-lane lap swimming facilities.

With pool temperatures that constantly range from a comfortable 80°F – 84°F, swimming in the club pools can feel like a luxurious experience.

Leagues and Courts

If you play basketball or racquetball, Esporta Fitness offers leagues, tournaments, competitive sports, and other events during the year. These full, sparkling courts are a great place to invite friends, participate in a tournament or league and get your A-game on.


Step into a soothing spa session after a challenging workout or enjoy stretching and relaxing in Esporta’s treatment room.

sauna at Esporta Fitness Clubs
Sauna at one of the Esporta Fitness Clubs (Image source)


Unwind and lose the stress in Esporta’s sauna room. The dry heat that radiates from the hot rocks on the stove and off the wooden walls helps loosen stiff muscles, can lower blood pressure levels, and offer a great chance to relax after a good workout.

A small amount of steam can appear when water is poured over the hot rocks, but the humidity level is typically low, at between 5-30%. 

Some Esporta studies even offer sauna sessions. The time limit in the sauna is one hour. According to recent studies, spending 15-30 minutes in a sauna a couple of times per week can boost your immune system and improve overall wellness.

Esporta Fitness Club FAQs

esporta fitness club membership cost
Esporta Fitness Club cost (Image source)

What is the Membership Cost of Esporta Fitness?

Budget-friendly and packed with a variety of amenities, a membership at Esporta Fitness can range from the Basic (Single Club) membership to Premier memberships that grant you access to multiple clubs in either single or multiple states.  

The Basic membership has a $129 initiation fee. This gives you access to cardio and weight equipment, wet areas such as the pool, Jacuzzi, or sauna, basketball and racquetball courts, and unlimited group fitness classes, and enables you to bring up to two guests on each visit.

If you want to upgrade to a Premier (Multi-Club, Multi-State) membership, this has a $0 initiation fee and a $30.99 monthly membership cost. Access any Esporta Fitness club in every state that has an Esporta location.

Bring two guests per visit, use the club’s strength or cardio equipment, enjoy the spa, pool, hot tub, or sauna, use the racquetball and basketball courts, participate in unlimited group exercise classes, and access studio cycling that’s unlimited.  

A Premier (Multi-Club, Single State) membership costs a $5 initiation fee and $29.99 billed monthly after the first free month, and a $49.00 annual fee.

This ultra-premier membership lets you bring as many guests as you want per visit.

It also grants access to the full list of club amenities, including the Aerobics studio with unlimited yoga, Pilates, or Zumba classes and more group classes, state-of-the-art cardio machines, strength equipment, and free weights, heated indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, courts, spinning and cycling studio, functional training area and other premier amenities.

How Do I Become a Member of Esporta Fitness?

It’s easy to become an Esporta Fitness member if you’re 16 years old or older. Even if you’re as young as 13, you can still obtain an Esporta membership if you’re with your parent or legal guardian.  

When you’re ready to join, just sign up online by searching the site map or entering your location to find the closest Esporta health club.

Next, you’ll sign a membership agreement and pay for your initial and final months’ dues and fees. This means that you will pay the initial joining fee plus any related fees if you purchase extra gym services.

If you’re undecided about becoming a member or want to check out what the gym has to offer first, you can even try out Esporta’s facilities with a free 3-day trial pass.

How Do I Know If the Esporta Near Me Has a Sauna or a Steam Room?

While it appears that most Esporta gyms offer sauna, steam, room, or jacuzzi amenities, the best way to find if an Esporta club near you has a sauna or a steam room is to head to Esporta’s website to check for local locations plus club amenities near you.

You can search by country, state, city, or zip code to find the closest Esporta gym.

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Now that LA Fitness has rebranded with a line of affordable fitness clubs that are designed to accommodate a high volume of customers, Esporta is a clean and full-service gym that offers multiple amenities for members.

From weight machines to yoga, Zumba, and Pilates exercise classes, you can enhance your health with a relaxing pre-workout or post-workout swim, jacuzzi, or sauna experience.

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