Does NYSC Have a Sauna or Steam Room? (Cost & Amenities)

There’s nothing like a soothing sauna session to relax sore muscles after a workout. Many elite lines of health clubs such as the NYSC offer affordable membership amenities such as a sauna or a steam room in addition to exercise equipment and fitness classes.

NYSC offers sauna sessions at each NYSC location. In fact, you can choose from both a sauna and a steam room at the Murry Hill club and other NYSC locations. And to access these facilities, you will need to subscribe to their $75 monthly plan which also includes unlimited access to all their sports clubs.

Discover the NYSC’s full fitness facilities that include a luxurious sauna experience.

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NYSC Club Facilities

With 14 clubs in Manhattan, 3 in Downtown and 3 in Long Island, 4 in Midtown and 7 in Uptown, 1 in Brooklyn, 1 in New Jersey, 6 in Queens, and regional New York clubs, there are multiple locations to choose the best facilities for you.

Take your pick from training zones, exercise classes, personal trainers, swimming pools, saunas, and tennis courts to relax or achieve your fitness goals. A professional staff is there to make your workout experience a smooth and high-end process.

Full-Tech Cardio Machines

At an NYSC club, you can find lots of exercise equipment just as you would find at any other fully equipped gym.

NYSC steps its service up a level by providing a variety of high-tech cardio machines that are sure to kick your heart rate into gear.

Weightlifting Area

An NYSC club membership also gives you access to a fantastic weightlifting area fully stocked with racks of dumbbells, barbells, power racks, platforms for deadlifting, resistance machines, and Olympic Weights options.

If you have access to the higher-end fitness clubs, you can also use functional training areas that provide battle ropes and other types of plyometrics equipment.

Swimming Pools

Discover the delightful depths of holistic swimming pools designed for low-impact lap swimming available at exclusive, elite clubs. Some select clubs in the wider New York area even offer outdoor swimming pool areas.

Tennis Courts

It’s no surprise that NYSC elite clubs offer tennis courts available for members since the Northeast’s biggest current gym network began in 1973 as a local chain of clubs for squash sports.

For example, at the Murray Hill, Midtown, or 23; Park gyms, you can play tennis, racquetball, or squash with private or group lessons, bring a guest along, or play a session with a fellow member.

Certified Personal Trainers

Boost your fitness on your own time with NYSC’s state-of-the-art fitness amenities or book a one-on-one session with a world-class personal trainer when you become a member at NYSC.

Their certified personal trainers can even use InBody scanning technology to create a personalized fitness plan that’s perfect for you.

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

Enjoy a variety of unlimited group fitness classes with your NYSC membership. These include Yoga, Zumba, dance cardio, ab training, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, conditioning exercises, cycling or spin classes, and SilverSneakers sessions. 

Diverse and built on a sense of community, NYSC’s group fitness classes are designed to help you push your limits no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey. 

Book a spot 1 day ahead of a class with a basic membership or reserve your place a week in advance with an Elite membership package.

nysc sauna in manhattan
NYSC sauna in Manhattan (Image source:

Saunas or Steam Rooms

With nearby locker rooms for easy and private changing, you can bask in a relaxing sauna experience or try out NYSC’s soothing steam room in a safe and comfortable environment that’s designed to facilitate total wellness.

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What is the Membership Cost of NYSC?

 When you sign up for the New York Sports Club, you’ll have a variety of available membership options. 

One option includes joining a single-home club, known as the Neighborhood Membership. You can also pay for access to every NYSC club across all locations. These are called the Passport and Elite membership options.

Whether you join in person or online, you will usually pay an initial fee of about $20 in addition to an annual fee that costs $59.99. You’ll typically pay about $24.99, billed monthly or annually, for the Neighborhood Membership or one club access in most NYSC locations.  

When you join with either the Passport or Elite memberships, you can use the club facilities at every NYSC location. These will run you from $69.99 per month to $79.99 each month and give you various membership perks.

With an affordable NYSC membership, you can access multiple clubs. Different clubs have various facilities. For example, a multi-club membership can let you check out other facilities available at different clubs.

A Passport Membership may not give you access to some exclusive clubs that you can get into with an Elite Membership. Keep in mind that these amounts are estimated. You’ll want to check the details, terms, and conditions at the location that you want to join.

How Do I Become a Member of NYSC?

It’s easy and straightforward to become a member of an NYSC gym. According to their website, you don’t need to ever worry about hidden fees. The annual fee is charged on the 15th of every month, according to their terms and conditions. If it turns out cancel anytime for a hassle-free process. Just head over to the NYSC homepage to get more information or join today.

How Do I Know if the NYSC Near Me Has a Sauna or a Steam Room?

If you live in New York, check out a dozen locations that are scattered around the state, with several clubs located in major cities such as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston. 

You can search the NYSC website to check for an NYSC gym location in your city or the nearest location to verify if your local club offers a sauna or steam room for members.  

Although the original owners of the NYSC club filed in 2020 for bankruptcy, they since partnered with the New York Athletic Club to open for business.

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NYSC’s upfront memberships give you members-only access to a variety of fitness facilities, including a sauna and a steam room.

This allows members to bask in either dry heat or a steamy environment that can stimulate the lymphatic system and help muscles recover faster.

If you’re interested in joining an NYSC club that’s currently combined with the New York Athletic Club, you can check out their neighborhood map to choose the perfect gym for you.

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