Does Blink Fitness Have Sauna or Steam Rooms? (Cost & Amenities)

Owned by Equinox, Blink Fitness caters to folks who looking for a high-quality gym at an affordable price. But what about folks who want sauna and steam room facilities at their gyms?

Blink Fitness does not offer sauna and steam room facilities. The gym does not offer amenities like pools, a basketball court, childcare, tanning booths, massage chairs, and a smoothie bar. But it does offer a shower, changing, and locker room. 

Although Blink does not offer a sauna, there is plenty of other gyms that do. We have compiled a list of all the gyms that offer sauna and steam room facilities. Take a look. 

In the rest of the article, we will discuss its membership fee along with all the amenities that Blink Fitness offers. 

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Blink Fitness is perfect for both casual gym-goers and serious trainers. Although it does not have sauna and steam facilities, there are plenty of other amenities that you can access if you become a member of the fitness club. In this section, we are going to look at all the amenities that Blink Fitness offers:

Gym Equipment

Blink Fitness gyms have a large number of equipment including Concept 2 rowers, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, etc. The gyms are roomy so you can work out without feeling cramped.

In the free weight area of the gym, you are likely to find Iron Grip hex plates, Iron Grip straight, Iron Grip dumbbells, bumper plates, EZ curl bars, bench press stations, squat racks, other inclines, and flat benches.

In the functional training area, you will find chrome dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, etc. 

There are plenty of power cages and squat racks also available at Blink Fitness gyms. 

Shower & Changing Room

You would think that showers and changing rooms should be present at all gyms. There are plenty of bare-bones gyms that don’t offer these basic amenities. But fortunately, Blink Fitness does. All Blink Fitness centers have shower and changing room facilities. 


Getting lockers at your gym is a luxury because most fitness centers, even some of the most popular ones don’t offer locker facilities. Blink Fitness does however offer a locker facility. At most centers, you will find that lockers are located outside the changing rooms.

Free WiFi

Want to catch up on the latest news in between workouts, or stream music or videos during workouts? Blink Fitness offers free wifi so there’s no need to waste your own data. 

Bring a Friend

You are allowed to bring a friend or your partner into the gym if you have subscribed to a Green or Blue membership. That said, no one below will be allowed. The person has to be a minimum of 18 years old. 

Bring Pets

The gym does allow you to bring dogs but only certified service dogs. 

It is worth noting that the gyms are clean, and well-maintained and the staffs are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. The clientele is usually a mixture of people in their 20s and 30s. 

Before we look into the membership fee, let’s consider the pros and cons of Blink Fitness. 


  • Blink Fitness has a large number of high-quality equipment at its centers. This equipment is clean and maintained well. 
  • The gym doesn’t have an upscale marble lobby but it does have a modern feel to it. 
  • Free wifi lets you stream music or video during workouts. 


  • It’s not a 24-hour gym. The fitness center follows regular gym hours: 5 am to 11 pm from Monday to Thursday. 5 am to 10 pm on Fridays. 7 am to 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 
  • Blink Fitness is not great for those who like group classes especially if you want to attend in-person classes. The fitness center only offers virtual classes on Blink’s app.
  • Judging by reviews left on the internet, the cleanliness at Blink fitness center differs from location to location. There are plenty of reviews talking of people who don’t wipe the equipment after using them or leave behind wrappers and water bottles. 

Blink Fitness has 3 membership plans: Gray, Blue, and Green.

To access the Gray plan you need to pay $15 per month. Blue costs $23 per month and Green costs $27 per month.

While Gray is a month-on-month plan, both Blue and Green are a 12-month plan. It’s worth noting that you will need to pay extra for taxes and other fees. 

Under the Gray membership, you will get access to a single but under the Blue and Green membership, you get access to all the Blink Fitness gyms excluding centers in Manhattan.

With the Blue and Green plans, you get access to premium content on the Blink Fitness app, along with a lot of amenities listed in the articles above. 

To become a Blink Fitness member you need to go to their official website. Insert your Pincode in the search box, and it will show you the centers nearest to your location along with details like phone numbers and addresses. 

We recommend going to the centers and taking a tour of the place. This way you will get a glimpse of the service they offer and the type of clientele that attract. 

Although all Blink Fitness centers should offer all the amenities we have listed above, you should go to the centers and confirm that they offer all the amenities you want. 

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While Blink Fitness primarily focuses on providing a high-quality gym experience with top-notch exercise equipment, they do not offer pools or spas in their facilities. The emphasis of Blink Fitness is on affordability and accessibility, which leads to the exclusion of certain luxury amenities like pools and spas. This helps to maintain lower membership fees while still offering a great fitness environment.

Yes, you can get a free day pass to test out the facilities at Blink Fitness. To obtain your day pass, simply visit the Blink Fitness website and fill out the online form with your personal information. You will receive a confirmation email containing the day pass, which you can then show at your local Blink Fitness location to gain entry for the day. This gives you the opportunity to experience the fitness environment and equipment before deciding if a membership is right for you. Remember that additional amenities like saunas and steam rooms are not available, but you will still have access to all the essential workout equipment and support from staff members during your visit.


Blink Fitness is known for offering affordable membership options with a focus on providing a clean, friendly, and judgment-free environment for members. While facilities may vary slightly from location to location, it’s important to know that Blink Fitness does not typically offer sauna and steam rooms as part of its amenities.

Although sauna and steam rooms are popular features in many gyms, they are not a staple in Blink Fitness facilities. Blink prioritizes keeping their membership costs low and accessible, and excluding these particular amenities helps maintain that affordability.

For some members, the absence of saunas and steam rooms may not be a significant drawback. Blink Fitness offers a wide variety of cardiovascular and strength training equipment, group classes, and personal training options. These features can provide excellent health and fitness benefits without the need for a sauna or steam room.

However, if sauna and steam rooms are essential to you, you may want to explore alternative gym options. Some gyms, with higher membership prices, offer a more extensive range of amenities, including luxurious spa experiences.

In conclusion, Blink Fitness is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a budget-friendly and inclusive gym environment. While they do not offer sauna and steam rooms as part of their amenities, Blink Fitness focuses on providing members with a spacious, clean, and no-nonsense workout environment to meet various fitness goals. Remember to consider your personal preferences and priorities when selecting the gym that best meets your needs.

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