Does EoS Fitness Have Sauna & Steam Rooms? (Cost & Amenities)

EoS Fitness centers are present in 100 locations all over the US and they offer a ton of amenities. But the amenities include a sauna and steam facilities.

EoS Fitness does offer sauna and steam room facilities to sweat out toxins and loosen up your muscles following a grueling workout. To access the sauna you will need to become a premium member and it will cost you $20-$25 per month. 

That said, not all locations have sauna and steam room facilities so before you sign up with the center nearest to your place, call or visit the center to learn if they offer those facilities. 

If your nearest EoS center does not have sauna or steam facilities, then join a fitness club that does. Here’s a list of the gyms that offer such facilities

In the rest of the article, we are going to discuss all the amenities that you can access when you become a member of EoS Fitness. 

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EoS Fitness Amenities

EoS Fitness is perfect for both casual exercisers as well as serious athletes. They offer a wide variety of amenities to attract and retain both types of clientele. Let’s take a look at their offerings:


As we said earlier, EoS Fitness is ideal for casual gym-goers and serious trainers which means you will find plenty of equipment at the EoS center. They have cardio equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, rowers, etc. 

and strength training equipment includes resistance machines, cable machines, power towers, free weights, barbells, squat racks, etc. Plenty of other miscellaneous training machines like rollers, boxes, risers, bands, stability balls, kettlebells, etc. 

Turf Training Area

Turf areas at EoS Fitness centers are made to last. They can stand rigorous sled pushes, heavy foot traffic, weighted workout equipment, and dropped weights, among other activities. EoS turf areas are great to train on as they offer proper resistance when performing sled work and add traction when running. 

Group Classes

If you don’t like working out on your own then go for then don’t worry, EoS Fitness offers plenty of group classes throughout the week. They offer strength and core training, cardio, yoga, dance, cycling, and water exercises in groups.

Personal Training

At EoS Fitness, they offer amazing personal training. They first evaluate you to determine which program is best suited to you. The assessment includes short and long-term goals, fitness level, posture analysis, and movement level, etc. Then they will create a custom timeline with reachable goals. 

Basketball Court

Playing basketball at the gym is a great way to practice endurance. The best part is, time spent at the court will seem less like work and more like having fun with your friends. At EoS centers there is enough space for you to practice dribbling on your own or play a match with a few friends. 

Cinema Cardio

Cardio workouts can be very tedious and boring. That’s why EoS offers something called EoS Cinema or Cinema Cardio where you can watch a variety of movies to keep yourself entertained while working out. Movies will keep you entertained and will help you see your cardio exercise to the end.


Whether you want to swim regularly, train for a competition, or just prefer water exercises, indoor pools at EoS centers are readily available. 

Hot Tub & Hydromassage

Recovery is a key component in helping you achieve your fitness goals. So at EoS Fitness they also offer hot tub services with targeted water jets facilities to ease your sore muscles following a grueling workout. Alternatively, you can use a hydromassage bed to help your body relax and recover after working out.

Sauna & Steam Room

The heat and steam production in a sauna and steam room are ideal for helping increase blood flow and relaxing muscles following a tough workout. It’s also a great way to remove toxins from your body. 

Towel Service

By offering a towel service EoS Fitness demonstrates that they value their customer. The towels can be used for cleaning equipment and fitness machines before and after every use. It’s great to have towel services offered at the gym because it promotes cleanliness. 

Blackbox VR

Black Box VR combines gaming and fitness to offer a one-of-kind gym experience powered by cutting-edge VR technology. EoS Fitness is one of the few gyms in the world that offer such facilities. You should definitely try it out. That said, the VR experience is available only at select centers. 

Kids Fun Area

EoS Fitness has a kids club which is ideal for parents with tight schedules. Couldn’t visit the gym while the kids were at school? No worries, bring them to the gym and leave them at the kids club. You can continue your training while your kids are having fun. 

EoS Fitness Membership Fee

EoS offers three membership options: gray, blue, and black. The initiation fee for the Gray membership is $129 and the monthly fee is $9.99. The initiation fee for the Blue membership is $20 and the monthly fee is $21.99. And finally, the initiation fee for the Black membership is $20 and the monthly fee is $24.99. 

The Gray membership is the most basic plan and it includes access to all locker rooms, showers, cardio, and weight training equipment. EOS Blue membership includes group and water fitness classes among other facilities.

And the Black membership offers all the privileges of the previous memberships along with amenities like bringing a buddy, etc. 

To access the sauna and steam room facilities, you need to subscribe to the Blue or Black membership plans. We recommend going to your nearest EoS Fitness center and enquiring about which plan to subscribe to in order to access the sauna and steam facilities. 

How to Sign Up For EoS Fitness

Visit the official EoS Fitness website. The website will automatically pick your location and show you a gym nearest your location. 

eos fitness gym location finder
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Right below your nearest gym location, you should be able to see a Go to Gym Page option. Select that and it will take you to a page where you’ll find the address and phone number of that gym. If you want you can sign up for the gym from that page. 

eos fitness gym address and phone number
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General Rules for Using the Sauna & Steam Rooms at EoS Fitness

When using the sauna and steam rooms at EoS Fitness, you should always adhere to the posted rules and guidelines. Here are some basic rules to follow:

  1. Do not use the facilities if you are pregnant, have heart problems, have high or low blood pressure, or have any other medical condition that could be adversely affected.
  2. Shower before entering to remove any oils, lotions, or perfumes.
  3. Use a towel to sit or lie on, and always wear proper attire.
  4. Do not use any oils, lotions, or fragrances in the sauna or steam room.
  5. Limit your session to 10-15 minutes, and take breaks if necessary.
  6. Do not bring in food, drinks, or electronic devices, and avoid loud conversations.
  7. Keep the facilities clean and always respect other users.

What to Wear When Using the Eos Fitness Sauna?

When using the sauna at EoS Fitness, you should wear appropriate clothing. A swimsuit or gym shorts and a sports bra, as well as a towel to sit or lie on, are recommended. Refrain from wearing jewelry, as it can become hot and cause burns.

Operating Hours for EoS Fitness Sauna & Steam Rooms

The operating hours for the sauna and steam rooms at EoS Fitness can vary depending on the specific location. It is best to check your local club’s schedule for exact hours. Typically, the facilities are available during regular club hours, giving you ample opportunity to incorporate them into your fitness routine.


EoS Fitness is a reliable choice to support your healthy lifestyle. Their facilities offer various opportunities to work on your physical performance and help reduce stress. While sauna and steam rooms might be important for some members, it’s not the only way to ensure a comprehensive wellness experience.

By being a part of the EoS community, you’ll have access to an array of fitness options designed to enhance your workouts. Whether it’s group classes, personal training, or strength and cardio equipment, you’ll find suitable resources to cater to your fitness objectives.

Remember to incorporate relaxation and stress reduction techniques into your routine. While EoS Fitness may not have sauna and steam rooms, there are alternative options like deep stretching, meditation, or yoga classes that can help you unwind and improve your overall well-being.

In summary, EoS Fitness can still contribute significantly to your health journey. With a wide range of services and amenities, you can optimize your fitness goals and achieve the balance necessary for a thriving lifestyle.

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