Does GoodLife Fitness Have Sauna & Steam Room? (Cost & Amenities)

GoodLife Fitness is one of the largest fitness clubs in Canada and has over 450 centers in the country. The clubs offer a ton of amenities but the question is does it offer sauna and steam facilities? 

GoodLife Fitness does have sauna and steam room facilities although these facilities may not be available in all locations. To access sauna and steam room facilities, you need to subscribe to higher membership plans and may have to spend something between $40 to $60 per month. 

If the GoodLife Fitness centers near you do not offer sauna and steam room facilities, don’t worry. There are plenty of other gyms that do.

That said, all GoodLife Fitness offers a ton of great amenities. So in the rest of the article, we are going to look at all the amenities that the fitness club offers. 

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GoodLife Fitness Amenities

GoodLife Fitness is a 24-hour gym and they offer a ton of amenities for both casual gym-goers and serious fitness enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at all the facilities they offer:

goodlife fitness center in toronto
GoodLife Fitness sauna in Toronto (Image source)

Gym Equipment

At GoodLife Fitness, you will find spin bikes from Expresso, in-house plates and round dumbells, safety bars, trap bars, bumper plates and barbells from Eleiko, cardio, and resistance machines from Hammer Strenght & Life Fitness.

There are plenty of cable machines, lat pulldown machines, chest press machines, prone hamstring curl machines, and seated cable row machines. These machines may look intimidating if you don’t know how to use them but you should definitely work these machines into your fitness routine. 

Squat Racks

The fitness club offers squat racks. Although you are likely to find a couple of squat racks at your nearest GoodLife Fitness location and judging by online reviews the equipment is usually occupied if you visit the gym at times members are most active. 

Deadlift Platforms

You will find a couple of deadlift platforms in every GoodLife Fitness center. But if you visit the gym at peak hours you are likely to find platforms occupied. 


Water fitness routines are a great way to work out without bruising your joints. At GoodLife Fitness, they have pools where they offer aqua classes that help you tone your muscles and burn calories.

At GoodLife Fitness, you will find aqua training classes that offer workouts targeting your abdominal, cardiovascular, and muscle conditioning classes which should help alleviate fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain syndromes. 

Shower & Locker Rooms

GoodLife Fitness has showers and locker rooms for its members at all its locations. So can take your workout clothes off in the locker room and keep them in your locker. You can also take a quick shower following a grueling workout and then head out. 

Basketball Court

Some of the GoodLife Fitness centers are built on large sites where they can accommodate basketball courts. That said, not all centers have large spaces. Some small locations have squash courts and to access these courts you need to be a premium member of the fitness club. 


Going to the gym as a parent is hard if you have small kids. This is why gyms like GoodLife offer childcare facilities. But it’s available only at select centers so we suggest calling or visiting the center nearest to your home. 

The supervision staff looks after kids between the age of 6 weeks to 12 years. So if you have older kids, hiring a nanny could be a better idea. 

Tanning Beds

Most GoodLife Fitness centers offer tanning beds so that you can maintain your beach body look for as long as you want. You can either subscribe to the membership plan that offers tanning beds or you can pay extra and access the tanning beds as an addon on the months you need them. 

Yoga Studios

Yoga can be a great way to build strength, stability, mobility, and alignment. Yoga classes at the GoodLife Fitness centers will leave you feeling calm and centered. 

There are a number of group yoga classes available throughout the day at GoodLife Center. To access these classes, you need to sign up for higher membership plans. 

Smoothie Bars

Want to treat yourself following a grueling workout session? At most GoodLife Fitness centers they have a smoothie bar where you can buy beverages, water bottles, and protein bars starting at $5. 

Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are spread throughout GoodLife Fitness centers. The chairs can help reduce pressure on nerves by aligning the spine and improving your posture. A quick 10 mins session could go a long way in losing your sore muscles, improving blood pressure, and circulation, and relieving stress. 

Cardio Cinema Room

Select GoodLife Fitness centers have cinema rooms where you get to work out while watching something on the big screen. 

How to Become a GoodLife Fitness Member

To become a member of GoodLife Fitness, open this URL. The site will pick up your location and show you the membership plans (along with the joining fee) for your nearest center. Alternatively, you can click on the Change Club or Find a Club button and pick a center.

Select a membership plan and complete the checkout process. And that’s it. 

goodlife fitness membership plan
(Image source:

If you don’t want to become a member online, go to the gym and have a look at the center. A simple Google search will show you the nearest GoodLife Fitness centers. 

IMPORTANT: Before you sign up for the gym membership, we recommend checking with the center. Just ensure that the amenities that you need are available at the center you want to join. 

Be sure to check the membership fee properly. At the center nearest to our location, the membership fee membership is bi-weekly and the membership fee shown on the site does not include tax.


How Do GoodLife’s Steam Rooms Compare to Saunas?

GoodLife Fitness offers both steam rooms and saunas depending on the location. Steam rooms at GoodLife Fitness provide a moist heat environment, whereas saunas offer a dry heat environment. Each type of heat has its own benefits:

Steam rooms are known for their potential to help improve respiratory function and circulation, as well as provide relief from congestion or allergy symptoms. The high humidity in steam rooms can also help to alleviate muscle stiffness and joint pain.

On the other hand, saunas offer a dry heat environment with lower humidity levels. This type of heat is said to promote detoxification and may even boost your immune system. The dry heat provided by a sauna can help relax your muscles, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress.

How to Find a GoodLife Fitness Location With Both Steam Rooms & Saunas?

Yes, you can find GoodLife Fitness locations that have both steam rooms and saunas. However, it’s important to note that not every location offers both types of facilities. To find the club that meets your needs, you can visit their website and use the ‘Club Amenities’ filter when searching for locations. This will help you identify the clubs with both steam rooms and saunas so you can make an informed decision based on your preferences.


Goodlife Fitness offers a range of amenities to cater to your workout and relaxation needs. Among these, sauna and steam rooms are often found in many of their locations. These facilities aim to provide you with a soothing and rejuvenating experience after an intense workout or a long day.

While not every Goodlife Fitness location may have a sauna or a steam room, you can always check their website or contact your local club directly to inquire about the availability of these amenities. Keep in mind that not all locations provide the same facilities, so it’s best to verify whether your preferred club has a sauna or a steam room.

If you find that your local Goodlife Fitness offers sauna and steam room facilities, make sure to follow the rules and guidelines set by the club for their usage. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after using these rooms, as they can quickly lead to dehydration.

So, next time you step into a Goodlife Fitness club, make sure to keep an eye out for their sauna or steam room options. These fantastic amenities can help you enhance your overall fitness journey, and they will make your experience at the gym even more enjoyable and rewarding.

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