Does Retro Fitness Have Saunas & Steam Rooms? (Cost & Amenities)

Retro Fitness has over 120 centers throughout the country. But the question is, does it have sauna and steam room facilities?

Retro Fitness does have sauna and steam room facilities but only at select locations. To access these facilities, you first need to know if your nearest center offers sauna and steam services and then subscribe to a premium membership plan. Premium plans should cost you between $60 to $80 per month. 

Besides sauna and steam room facilities, there are plenty of other amenities you can access once you become a Retro Fitness member. 

In the rest of the article, we are going to take a look at all the amenities that Retro Fitness offers. 

We will also look into the steps you need to take to become a member of the fitness club. 

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Retro Fitness Amenities

At its 120 locations, Retro Fitness offers a range of amenities. Let’s take a look at their offerings: 

Personal Training

At Retro Fitness you get access to a personal trainer who will assess your needs and goals, then design an exercise program for you.

The program may include nutrition advice, weight training, cardiovascular exercise, or a combination of these three components. The client will then be given a set number of sessions (usually between four and twelve) where they will meet with their trainer at regular intervals (often once per week).

Group Fitness Classes

Retro Fitness offers a number of group fitness classes. Group fitness classes are a great way to get fit and have fun. There are many different types of group fitness classes that offer a wide range of benefits. For example, Zumba is aerobic and gives you an intense workout while yoga is more about stretching and relaxation.

There are many benefits of group fitness classes at the gym. One of them is that it can be less intimidating for beginners because they will not be the only one who doesn’t know how to do a certain move.

Another benefit is that it can be more motivating to work out in a group because you want to keep up with your peers or show off your skills.

Group fitness classes also provide socialization opportunities and help make new friends while getting fit at the same time!


At Retro Fitness centers, you will find a ton of cardio, free weights, and other equipment. Cardio equipment includes performance treadmills, ascent trainers, ellipticals, climb mills, recumbent cycles, and upright cycles. 

Free weight equipment includes Olympic shoulder benches, flat benches, incline benches, decline benches, leg presses, multi-station, incline bench presses, hack squats, lat pulldowns, vertical decline bench presses, glute trainers, vertical bench presses, standing arm curls, standing calf, smith machine, seated row, shoulder press, and preacher curl. 

Other equipment includes tricep press, lateral raises, back extension, shoulder press, prone leg curl, pec fly read delt, bicep curl, calf extension, glute, lat pulldown, seated leg curl, hip abductor, rotary torso, hip adductor, leg extension, leg press, and chest press.

Massage Chair 

Massage chairs are available at most Retro Fitness centers.

Massage chairs are a luxury that we can’t afford but it’s to have access to the equipment at gyms. The massages you get in these chairs are not the same as the ones you get from a masseuse. They are just meant to relax your muscles and provide relief from muscle tension. 

The massage chair at the gym is often used by people who have been working out hard for a long time or people who have had an intense workout sessions. This is because it helps with recovery and reduces muscle soreness.

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Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are available at some Retro Fitness centers.

Tanning beds help you hold on to your summer tan. They also provide you with a ton of other benefits like using the tanning bed can make you look healthier, it can help you get rid of cellulite, accelerate muscle recovery after a workout, and some people say that it helps them sleep better.


As the demand for fitness increases, gyms are trying to provide more facilities to their users. That’s why fitness centers like Retro Fitness offer sauna and steam room facilities at most of their centers. 

The first benefit of a sauna is detoxification. Sweating in a sauna causes toxins and impurities to be released from the body through the skin, which can help with weight loss and boost immune function.

The second benefit of using a sauna is muscle relaxation. Heating up your muscles helps them relax and release tension from overuse or injury, which can have a calming effect on your entire body as well as improve circulation.

Lastly, it’s one of the most effective ways to recover from exercise because sweating helps eliminate lactic acid that builds up in muscles during exercise, which can lead to muscle soreness.

Smoothie Bar

A smoothie bar is a popular addition to most gyms. The main purpose of the smoothie bar is to provide an alternative to the typical high-calorie, sugary drinks sold at shops outside the gym.

It also offers healthier alternatives for people who want to indulge in something sweet after their workout without consuming too many calories. 

The main ingredients for these healthy drinks are typically fresh fruits and vegetables that are chopped up and blended together with some sort of liquid such as water, juice, or coconut water. Some people will add protein powder or other supplements.

Bring a Friend 

Depending on your plan, you can bring a friend to the gym. Go to your nearest Retro Fitness center and learn about the gym’s visiting hours. 

A friend is always supportive of your fitness goals. It is much easier to stay motivated when you have someone to work out with. The benefits of having a gym buddy are many.

They can help you stay on track and get the most out of your workouts. If you are new or inexperienced, they can provide valuable guidance and advice on how to use the equipment or what exercises to do.

That’s it, folks. These are the amenities you can access if you become a premium member of Retro Fitness. 

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How to Become a Retro Fitness Member?

To become a Retro Fitness member, go to the official site, and search for the gyms nearest to your location by entering your postal address. It will show you phone numbers, addresses, and individual pages of Retro Fitness centers near your location. 

retro fitness find a gym
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To join the gym online, join this club button, select your membership plan and complete the payment process. 

The subscription plans differ from center to center and it depends on what amenities the center can provide you with.

The center nearest to our place (Retro Fitness Forest Hills) has sauna facilities. To access the sauna, one needs to pay $65 per month along with taxes and other fees. To access the sauna facility in any other center, you will most likely have to pay something similar.

retro fitness sauna subscription plan
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Retro Fitness does have sauna and steam room facilities at some of its locations. To access these facilities, you will need to become a premium member of the fitness club and will have to spend something between $60 – $80 per month. 

If your nearest Retro Fitness location does not offer sauna and steam room facilities, then look for gyms that do have these facilities. We have compiled a list of those gyms here

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