Can Sauna Cure Sinus Infection? (+ How Infrared & Steam Sauna Helps)

A sinus infection, also called sinusitis is a condition where your sinuses get blocked due to swelling or fluids. This type of infection causes headaches and difficulty in breathing which is enough to ruin a good day. 

Sauna and steam rooms can temporarily reduce swelling and relieve congestion it can’t cure sinus infections. The infection is caused by bacteria or viruses. Treating the source of the infection is your best bet. Homemade remedies like hot tea, lemon, and honey can cure the infection. Or else visit a doctor and take medications. 

In the rest of the article, we will discuss, to what degree sauna and steam rooms help cure or prevent sauna infections. We are also going to look into how infrared saunas can help you with sinus infections. 

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Is the Sauna Good For Sinus Infection or Congestion?

It’s common knowledge that hot liquid can relieve cold and flu-like symptoms. When you drink hot liquid, it feels good because it helps loosen secretions in the chest and sinuses, making them easier to expel and clearing up congestion.

In the same vein, hot air inside a sauna alleviates symptoms of cold, fever, and even sinus infection. 

Several studies have been made on the effectiveness of steam inhalation for sinus infections. 

High temperature inside the sauna helps clear mucus causing the infection. Following a sauna session, you will find yourself breathing easier. 

So yes, the sauna is good for sinus infections but it won’t cure the infection. It offers relief temporarily. We recommend checking out this guide on how to cure sinus infections

Can Sauna Prevent Sinus Infections?

It’s commonly believed that using the sauna on a regular basis helps prevent colds, fever, and sinus problems. 

There are various reasons why the sauna could help prevent sickness. Some believe that high temperatures weaken viruses and others speculate that heat and moisture improve drainage. 

Although the exact cause is unknown, research shows that the sauna helps prevent sinus and other infections.

using the sauna when you have sinus infection
Sauna sessions can help relieve sinus infection but can’t cure it (Image source)

Is it Good to Sweat When You Have a Sinus Infection?

Sweating does not help cure or reduce sinus infections. 

When you are in a sauna, you tend to sweat profusely thanks to the high temperature. The heat and sweat boost your blood circulation and the moist air loosen nasal mucus. This helps alleviate congestion and reduce sinus infections. 

That said, it’s worth noting that using the sauna offers relief only temporarily. So we’d recommend using the sauna but also consulting a medical practitioner. 

Is Steam Room Better For Sinus Infection?

A steam room is better for sinus infections than a sauna. The difference between a sauna and a steam room is in moisture level. In a sauna, the air is much drier than in a steam room. 

As we have said before, moisture in the air eases nasal congestion which offers some relief from a sinus infection. So if you have the option to use a steam room, go for that.

Alternatively, you can create a wet sauna at home. All you need to do is pour more water over the sauna rocks. 

But if you don’t have a sauna at your home, consider buying one and using it for the time being. We recommend using portable saunas as they are the cheaper option. Check out our guide on the best portable steam and infrared saunas

infrared sauna helps reduce sinus infection
Infrared sauna can be better for sinus infection than traditional sauna (Image source)

Is Infrared Sauna Better For Sinus Infection?

The infrared sauna is different from a traditional sauna. In a traditional sauna, the air around you is heated to a degree where you start sweating and the body’s natural cooling process kicks in. 

In an infrared sauna, a wavelength of light is emitted straight to your body without heating up the room around you. 

Some believe that an infrared sauna is far more effective than a traditional sauna. Infrared light encourages the human body to make more white blood cells so that it can fight disease and infection. 

In this way, infrared saunas might be a better option than a traditional sauna to help you recover from a sinus infection. 


Is Heat Good For Sinus Infection?

Heat is good for sinus infections. The high temperature and moist air inside a sauna unclog your nasal passageway and help you breathe. Heat compress can also offer some relief from sinus infections. All you need to do is apply a warm compress like a washcloth to your face and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. The heat will break up the mucus and alleviate pressure building on your face due to a sinus infection. So if you have a sinus infection, use heat to get some relief. 

Can You Sweat Out a Sinus Infection?

You cannot sweat out a sinus infection. When you sit inside the sauna, the high temperature causes sweating. This is the body’s natural way of cooling off. It has nothing to do with curing sinuses. That said, using the sauna or taking steam can help alleviate some of the sinus symptoms. Moist air clears the nasal cavity and helps you breathe properly. So we do recommend using the sauna and taking steam when you have a sinus infection. The warm air will help alleviate the congestion, not the sweating. 


The sauna has many benefits but it can’t cure diseases like sinus infections, COVID-19, etc. But it does offer some relief from your suffering so we recommend using the sauna and at the same time looking for an actual cure. 

It’s also worth mentioning that when you are suffering from a sinus infection, COVID-19, or just a fever and cold, try to avoid using the public sauna as much as possible. Public saunas are a breeding ground for bacteria. Using a public sauna can make things worse. 

That’s it for this one folk. 

If you have any questions about using the sauna for sinus infections, leave us a comment below. 

(Featured image by Mojpe from Pixabay)

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