Infrared Sauna Dangers: Do Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

Research tells us that visiting an infrared sauna on a regular basis can improve your health. But did you know that it can be risky as well?

In this article, we will delve into the possible dangers of visiting the infrared sauna.

What are the Dangers of Infrared Saunas?

There are many drawbacks to visiting an infrared sauna on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the most common ones – 

1. Exposure to EMF radiation

If you are visiting the sauna every day and staying there for an extended period of time then you are exposing yourself to EMF levels on a regular basis. This can lead to dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, and a host of other problems. 

15 to 30-minute sauna sessions, 2 to 3 times every week are ideal for a healthy person. 

2. Dehydration

Needless to say that if you expose yourself to infrared heat for a long time, it can lead to dehydration, exhaustion, and even heat stroke. This can be easily taken care of by drinking lots of water before, during, and after a sauna session. 

3. Depletion of nutrition

Prolonged exposure to infrared sauna can deplete certain vital nutrients from your body. This can easily be prevented by having sufficient nutritional food and keeping your body hydrated. 

4. Health risk for unborn children

Pregnant women especially during the early weeks of pregnancy are susceptible to overheating. Unborn children can’t regulate their body temperature because they don’t sweat. Hence overheating can damage the unborn child. 

5. Sperm count reduction

In an Oxford study, researchers found that long exposure to heat dramatically reduces sperm counts. Hence, men who are interested in starting a family should stay away from saunas and hot tubs. 

When Should You Avoid Infrared Saunas?

Avoid using an infrared sauna when – 

  1. You are ill
  2. You have cardiovascular disease
  3. Low blood pressure
  4. Kidney disease 
  5. You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Despite all the drawbacks, spending time in an infrared sauna has a lot of benefits. It helps in weight loss, stress reduction, joint and muscle pain reduction, detoxification, and sleep improvements. In a different article, we have covered the many benefits of an infrared sauna. Kindly take a look.


Q. Can infrared saunas be harmful? 

A. Yes, they can be harmful. Prolonged exposure to EMF in an infrared sauna can cause dehydration, depletion of nutrients, reduce sperm counts and cause harm to unborn children. To learn more, check out our dangers of infrared saunas section. 

Q. Can infrared saunas cause cancer? 

A. The infrared sauna does not cause cancer but it does promote skin cancer. Exposure to infrared radiation increases the temperature of your skin which can then reduce DNA repair efficiency. This can eventually lead to skin cancer. 

Q. Are infrared saunas good for you? 

A. Infrared saunas are great for your health. It helps reduce stress, reduce joint and muscle pain, shed fat, remove toxins; it even improves your sleep. Read more about the benefits of an infrared sauna

Q. Do infrared saunas give off radiation?

A. Yes, infrared saunas give off radiation. It uses infrared light to generate electromagnetic radiation which heats your body. Wondering if that’s dangerous? Learn more about the dangers of infrared saunas in the previous section.

Final Thoughts: Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

Although there are many dangers of using the infrared sauna on a regular basis these health risks are avoidable. That said, if you are ready to buy an infrared sauna, here’s our hand-picked list of the best portable infrared sauna

(Image by Immo Schulz-Gerlach from Pixabay)

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