Does Infrared Sauna Help With Shingles? (+ How to Cure Guide)

Infrared Saunas eliminate toxins from your body by making you sweat. Even if you undergo skin problems like shingles, you are likely to benefit from the light therapy of an Infrared Sauna.   

Light therapy from the infrared sauna helps calm and soothe shingles. It triggers cellular changes that repair tissue damaged by the shingles virus. Also decreases inflammation, and physical discomforts such as itching, and pain, and promotes better sleep which in turn helps heal your skin rash faster.

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Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of an Infrared sauna for one experiencing shingles.  We also discuss why Infrared saunas are a much safer alternative compared to traditional sauna systems.

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Does Infrared Light Help with Shingles?

An inviting wooden sauna with infrared light (Image Source)

If you’ve ever experienced shingles, you know that the itchy, painful rash can be hard to handle. Shingles, which are caused by the varicella-zoster virus, are an inflammatory condition that causes a painful rash that takes a while to disappear. The good news is that many people have found that infrared saunas can help relieve some of the inflammation and skin problems caused by shingles.

Some kinds of saunas use infrared light to relieve the pain and heal the rash caused by shingles. It works by light wavelengths penetrating the skin up to an inch deep. Unlike ultraviolet light which can damage cellular tissues, a sauna’s infrared light can boost circulation and promote deep healing in damaged tissues in addition to offering pain relief. 

An infrared sauna therapy session can help with shingles since it offers soothing heat at lower temperatures than traditional or steam saunas. Since it’s safe and effective, infrared therapy in the sauna can trigger cellular changes that reduce oxidative stress and sends oxygen and vital nutrients to repair tissue damaged by the shingles virus.

Using an infrared sauna can promote tissue regeneration and reduce pain and inflammation from a shingles flare and a host of other chronic skin issues.

What About Traditional & Steam Saunas? Can You Sweat Out Shingles?

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Shingles are itchy and painful but they are curable (Image source)

Many people wonder if they can use a traditional steam or heated sauna if they’re trying to get rid of a shingles rash.

According to medical professionals, using a steam sauna has multiple health benefits for your nerves and skin. It helps open and widen your pores, stimulating better circulation, and bringing blood flow to the surface which can help heal rashes like shingles. The relaxing heat also plays a role in lowering inflammation levels and reducing nerve pain associated with the shingles virus.

While an infrared sauna is less likely to irritate damaged skin, using a regular heat or steam sauna may irritate skin that is broken or has a serious rash. Keep in mind that steam saunas may cause irritation, oozing, or inflammation that can worsen a case of shingles.

Some medical experts recommend avoiding steam saunas or extra-hot sauna sessions until a shingles rash has crusted over. Avoiding a steamy, public environment during an active shingles case can help reduce the risk of spreading the shingles virus and ensure that your skin is better protected.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to your body, start with brief sessions, and check how a shingles rash responds to any type of sauna therapy.

While a sauna session can help reduce the worst pain and itching from a shingles flare, it’s also important to consider a holistic treatment that targets different factors to get rid of shingles fast. In addition to traditional, steam, or infrared sauna technology, talk to your doctor about shingles medication that can help stamp down the virus at its source.  

Other factors to consider may include changing your diet, adding vitamin supplements, changing any problematic things in your environment, trying alternative therapies like infrared light technology, and focusing on reducing stress in your life.

How to Get Rid of Shingles FAST?

In the past, many people would head outside to soak up some rays of vitamin D to get rid of the shingles rash. While safe amounts of sunlight and vitamin B shots have been shown to accelerate healing from shingles, an infrared sauna is a great modern alternative to ease shingles pain and heal up a rash faster.

Holistic treatments combined with safe and effective techniques such as infrared therapy are a great way to heal a shingle rash fast. It’s also been shown to relieve radiating nerve pain that typically appears down one side of the body or the other. The soothing heat and light that penetrates beneath the skin reduces neurological inflammation and activates healing at a cellular level.

Infrared light therapy works to get rid of shingles fast because the light wavelengths help block virus transmission via the body’s nerve cells. When infrared rays penetrate the skin and hit the cells, the virus is unable to spread further through your body.

While an infrared sauna won’t kill the varicella-zoster virus, evidence shows that it is reported to stop cellular damage in its tracks, promote sleep, and may even heal up a rash faster.

On the plus side, using an infrared sauna instead of doing a sun-worshipping session means that you aren’t exposing your skin to potentially harmful amounts of ultraviolet rays. Because an infrared sauna’s nano-waves penetrate deep into damaged tissues, this boosts healing and overall well-being that’s bone-deep.

It’s a good idea to limit your time in any infrared, traditional, or steam sauna to 15-minute sessions for best results and to avoid feeling overheated or dizzy. Since infrared saunas use lower temperatures than other kinds of saunas, it’s possible to increase your session time a little or break your time up into several sessions which can help heal painful shingles rash faster.

If you’ve never used an infrared sauna before, especially when suffering from shingles, start out your session at a lower temperature. This will help your body adjust to the treatment more naturally. It will also ensure that the infrared light doesn’t cause any extra irritation.

When you want to shed shingles fast, try heading out to an infrared sauna at your local spa or gym to reduce pain, ditch the itch, and feel better faster.


Infrared saunas can offer relief and benefits for individuals experiencing shingles. The light therapy from an infrared sauna can help soothe and calm the symptoms of shingles, reduce inflammation, itching, and pain, and promote better sleep, aiding in faster healing of the skin rash.

While traditional saunas may also provide some benefits, infrared saunas are considered a safer alternative due to their lower temperatures. It’s essential to consult a doctor and consider holistic treatments along with infrared therapy for effective shingles relief.

(Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

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