Where to Buy Sauna Rocks?

You can buy sauna rocks from popular e-commerce websites like – 

Or from sauna manufacturers like – 

Our Recommendation: Go for Amazon and Walmart because they have a larger collection of rocks to choose from. That said, more choices can sometimes lead to analysis paralysis. Don’t worry, we have got your back. Here’s a roundup of the top sauna rocks covering the best stones available in the market today. Dig right in.

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What Is the Best Type of Sauna Rock?

The best rocks for sauna use are igneous rocks, such as basalt, diabase, and olivine. These rocks are able to withstand high temperatures and do not crack or shatter easily when exposed to water. It is important to choose rocks that are porous, as they will absorb water and release steam more effectively.

What Kind of Rocks Do You Use in a Sauna?

A. In a sauna, you need rocks that are dense enough to retain heat. Igneous rocks (Granite, Vulcanite, Gabbro, Basalt, Peridotite, Olivine, etc) are ideal rocks for a sauna. That said, you should avoid Obsidian and Pumice because they are unable to absorb water and cool off too quickly.

How Long Do Sauna Rocks Last?

The longevity of sauna rocks is determined by the rock quality and how regularly you use the rocks. For instance, if you use them regularly (3-4 times a week), replace the rocks every 4 months. But if you use them once a week, replacing them once a year should be sufficient. As for the quality, choosing good quality rocks is a challenge simply because of the sheer number of below-average rocks available out there. We have compiled a list of the best sauna rocks later in this article.

What Rocks Hold Heat Best?

Igneous rocks (Granite, Gabro, Basalt, Peridotite, Olivine, Vulcanite stone, etc) are the best rocks to use in a sauna. It’s a dense rock with high thermal conductivity which means it’s one of those rocks that hold heat well.

Can Decorative Rocks Be Used in the Sauna?

We don’t recommend using decorative rocks because these rocks are too delicate for regular sauna use. The main purpose of decorative rocks (like white rocks) is to give your sauna a modern look. 

white stones against black background (sauna rocks for sales)
White decorative warming stones by Finnmark Sauna
(Image source: Finnmark Sauna)

Do Round or Split-Faced Stones Produce Better Heat and Steam in the Sauna?

No, neither is better. When you pour water over split-faced stones, it covers a large surface area therefore the steam is robust. In a collection of rounded stones, however, water tends to trickle down quickly as a result the steam produced is softer. So go for split-faced stones, if you want robust steam. But use rounded stones, if you prefer soft steam.

How to Check if Sauna Stones Are Safe?

To check if your sauna stones are safe you need to subject them to the following tests:

  1. Scratch it with your nails
  2. Drop it on a hard floor 
  3. Throw it into the fire, heat it thoroughly, and then plunge it into the water 

If the stone didn’t chip away, break, or crack, it’s safe to use.

What’s the Best Way to Arrange Stones on the Stove?

The best way to arrange stones on the stove is to begin by placing the large stones and then use smaller stones to fill in all gaps. The stones will expand and contract so with time you will need to remove old stones and add new ones.

Is It Better to Buy Sauna Rocks Online or In-Store?

It depends on your personal preference. Buying sauna rocks online can be convenient and allow you to compare prices and reviews easily. However, buying in-store allows you to see the rocks in person and choose the exact ones you want. It is important to purchase rocks from a reputable seller, whether you choose to buy them online or in-store.

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Sauna Rocks?

Sauna rocks do not need to be replaced very often, as they are able to withstand high temperatures and repeated use. However, over time, the rocks may become coated with mineral deposits or debris and may need to be cleaned or replaced. It is recommended to clean sauna rocks at least once a year to maintain their effectiveness.


Choosing the right sauna rocks is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable sauna experience. While there are various places to purchase sauna rocks, popular e-commerce websites like Amazon and Walmart offer a wide range of options to choose from. These platforms provide convenience and the ability to compare prices and reviews easily, making them our recommended choices.

When selecting sauna rocks, prioritize igneous rocks like Basalt, Granite, and Peridotite, as they can withstand high temperatures and retain heat effectively. It is crucial to avoid using decorative rocks or rocks that are not dense enough to handle the sauna’s extreme conditions. Instead, subject the rocks to safety tests such as scratching, dropping, and heating to ensure their suitability.

Once you have obtained the ideal sauna rocks, arrange them in a manner that optimizes heat absorption and steam generation. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to prolong the rocks’ longevity and effectiveness. Whether you choose to buy sauna rocks online or in-store, always make sure to purchase from reputable sellers.

By considering these factors and guidelines, you can confidently select sauna rocks that enhance your sauna sessions, create a soothing environment, and contribute to your overall well-being. Enjoy your rejuvenating sauna experience with the perfect selection of sauna rocks!

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