How Do You Listen to Music in a Sauna or Steam Room?

Many people want entertainment while using the sauna, which includes listening to music in the sauna. Music can relax you and make the most of your detoxifying experience. Plus, music can assist you in passing time while using the sauna, so you do not get bored while sitting around. 

You can listen to music in a sauna, but you must use a sauna with built-in, heat-resistant speakers. Never use headphones while using a sauna, or the intense heat from the sauna will ruin them. Furthermore, steam rooms can ruin your speakers because of the hot moisture.

In the rest of the article, you will learn how the sauna affects electronics and what types of speakers can you use in a sauna or steam room. 

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How Do Saunas Affect Electronics?

Saunas can ruin electronics because of the high heat inside the sauna. You cannot bring any type of electronics into a sauna since this high heat will scorch the inside of your electronics and leave them unfunctional. These include your smartphone, laptop, music players, and many other electronics.

Saunas typically reach heat between 150 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Most electronics, like iPhones and laptops, can only withstand temperatures of 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should be aware that using electronics in hot places for prolonged periods of time can permanently damage your device. While most modern devices like smartphones will warn you when they exceed their temperature limits, some devices like laptops will not give you a warning. Instead, they may overheat without a warning and become irreversibly damaged.

Depending on the type of sauna you use, the moisture content may also affect your electronics as well. Even moisture-resistant electronics like new Android or iPhone devices cannot withstand the high-temperature moisture in steam rooms. The moisture content of steam rooms can permanently damage your electronics, requiring costly replacements. 

Can You Use Headphones in a Sauna?

You cannot use headphones in a sauna. Using headphones in a sauna can ruin your headphones since they are not designed to withstand high temperatures. Generally, it does not matter what brand the headphones are because no headphone is designed to withstand high temperatures.

The only time it is acceptable to use headphones in a sauna is if they are specially designed for use in high heat. Otherwise, most avid sauna users suggest the typical 15-minute sauna session will ruin any average pair of headphones.

Even still, headphones that have been designed to withstand high heat are not resistant to steam. The hot steam of saunas will ruin the electronics of your headphones. Similar to smartphones, water-resistant headphones are not designed to withstand heated water.

Can You Use AirPods in a Sauna?

You cannot use AirPods in a sauna. Airpods are heat and water sensitive, meaning you will ruin them if you use them in a sauna. Instead, you should use a sauna with waterproof and heat-resistant speakers. In addition, you may also choose to use electronics on the outside of your sauna, like an external sound system or radio.

Can You Bring Your Phone to a Sauna?

You cannot bring phones into saunas because the heat will ruin your phone. Additionally, it may also trigger an automatic shut-off setting. For instance, iPhones will indicate that your phone has exceeded its permitted phone temperature. Then it will shut down until your phone returns to a usable temperature. 

It does not matter what model or brand of phone you have. Even newer phone models that claim they can withstand water are resistant to room temperature water but not hot water or steam. Therefore, you should always be careful in saunas. 

Do You Need Special Speakers for the Sauna?

special speakers for sauna and steam rooms
You need special speakers for sauna and steam rooms (Image source)

You will need special, heat-resistant speakers for a sauna if you want to listen to music while using the sauna. Otherwise, you will ruin your speakers with the high heat. Many modern saunas are made with built-in speakers, making it easy to listen to music while using the sauna.

Speakers inside saunas are installed further away from the heaters. Generally, this location is closer to the floor since the heat rises to the top of your sauna and accumulates at the top. In addition, your sauna speakers have a heat-resistant coating around them which helps with durability. 

If you choose a steam room versus an infrared sauna, it is important that you find a sauna with moisture-resistant speakers in addition to heat-resistant speakers. Not all saunas use moisture. However, some saunas, like steam rooms, raise your body temperature using humidity.

The humidity from these saunas will ruin speakers unless they are waterproof. If you have a growing concern about finding adequate speakers, opt for a different type of sauna, like an infrared sauna. That way, you have a decreased need to worry about having waterproof speakers. 


If you are interested in listening to music in a sauna, you should use a heat-resistant speaker or electronic device. Unfortunately, there are not many music devices that can withstand the high temperatures of saunas.

Electronics like iPhones, Androids, and other cell phones are not designed to withstand high heat. Therefore, you will ruin your phone or other electronic devices in a steam room or other sauna because of the high heat.

The average temperature of saunas reaches between 150 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Phones and other electronic devices can only withstand roughly 115 degrees Fahrenheit, making it impossible for them to withstand the exceeding temperatures of saunas. Using electronic devices in saunas will damage or ruin your device. 

Some saunas, like steam rooms, use high moisture to heat the body. This high moisture content will ruin your phone, headphones, and other electronic devices, making it impossible to listen to music while using saunas.

Even devices that claim they are moisture-resistant are not built to withstand the high heat content of the water. Therefore, it is important that you avoid using headphones and other electronic devices while using a sauna, so you do not ruin these devices.

(Featured image by Andrey Matveev from Pexels)

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