Are AirPods Sauna Proof? (+ Best Sauna Proof Headphones)

These days it’s hard to think of going anywhere without your phone and AirPod. Whether you are running on the treadmill or waiting in a queue, you can never get bored if you have your phone and AirPod with you. But can you use your phone and AirPod in the sauna?

AirPods should not be taken into the sauna because they will be damaged and the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover these damages. AirPods are rated IPX4 which means they are water-resistant but not waterproof. Moreover, the heat inside a sauna is typically higher than Apple’s recommended max temperature of 95 °F.

As for whether you can take your phone into the sauna, the answer is no. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, it will be damaged if you take it inside the sauna. We have talked about how the sauna damages your phone in a different article. Take a look. 

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Can You Wear AirPods in the Sauna?

You cannot wear AirPod in the sauna because an AirPod is not waterproof, nor is it heatproof. 

A sauna room is full of moist air. The moisture can easily seep into your headphone and damage them. IPX4-rated devices, like the AirPod, can withstand minor splashes of water but frequent exposure to moist air will quickly erode the protective seal over the circuit boards and other sensitive parts of the device. This means the AirPod won’t just get damaged, it’ll be damaged fast. 

AirPods can get overheated due to excessive usage. Taking the device into a heated room like the sauna is going to generate a larger amount of heat which will roast your headphone.

Apple has announced that the maximum heat an AirPod can take is 95 °F. In a sauna, the heat is often cranked up to 110 °F which is higher than what Apple recommends. Exposure to this type of heat on a daily basis will severely damage your AirPod within weeks. 

The worst part is if you damage your AirPod by wearing it in the sauna, you can’t replace or repair the device because these damages are not covered in the warranty. 

Does Sweating in the Sauna Affect AirPods?

Sweat can damage the AirPods. Sweat contains salt and if it flows into the headphone, it will damage the device way more than normal water. So frequently exposing the AirPods to sweat will lead to charging and connectivity issues. 

Some of you are probably thinking: I have been taking my AirPods to the gym for months on end, and they still seem to work fine. 

To this, we’d say that you tend to sweat way more in the sauna than you do in the gym. The AirPods can tolerate a bit of sweat because it’s sweat resistant. But it can’t handle profuse sweating in a sauna. Read more.

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Can You Wear AirPods in a Dry Sauna?

If you want to find a way to use your AirPods in the sauna, dry saunas seem like a better option. But that’s not true. Dry saunas operate at 150 to 170 °F which is higher than the maximum heat an AirPod can take. 

Besides, there is another issue you may encounter if you try using AirPods in a dry sauna. Dry heat can cause static electricity to build up in your AirPods and it could cause uncomfortable sensations in your ear. 

Bottom line is that using your AirPods in the sauna is a bad idea. You will damage your headphones and you will have a bad time in the sauna. 

Will Wearing AirPods in the Sauna Hurt My Ear?

AirPods are powered by lithium-ion batteries and we’ve heard of AirPods overheating and catching fire because it uses lithium-ion batteries. 

Lithium-ion batteries are very efficient but they can be dangerous as well. They are made of organic solvents that when exposed to oxygen will catch fire. 

The worst part is that lithium-ion batteries contain both organic solvents and oxygen in separate containers. Rough conditions like exposure to heat and moisture can damage the AirPods and the solvent and oxygen may come in contact with each other and cause a fire. 

We don’t mean to scare you but there is a chance that this could happen if you take the AirPods to a sauna or a steam room. 

Any Sauna Proof Headphones Out There?

There isn’t a headphone specifically designed for the sauna. But you can get the Aftershokz Titanium Wireless Headphones or the Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds and use them in the sauna.

Both headphones have an IP55 rating which means they can withstand more than a splash of water. It also means they can withstand a fair bit of moisture as well. 

Aftershokz is made of Titanium which is known to prevent overheating and static shocks. I have not used the headphone but many of the reviewers on Amazon have used them in the sauna and they have left glowing reviews about the device. So if you want to use the headphone in the sauna, go for it. 

If Aftershokz is out of stock, then try Jabra Elite 65t. I haven’t used it but it has the same IP55 rating as Aftershokz so it should be able to withstand sweat. And it’s made of titanium so it’ll be as durable as Aftershokz.


You should not take your AirPods into a sauna or a steam room. The heat from the sauna will expand the system inside your AirPod and it would cause friction. Moisture in the air will erode the protective seal over sensitive parts of your headphone and it will be permanently damaged. 

Besides, the point of going to a sauna is so that you can relax and perhaps also meditate. Sure, listening to music can help you relax, but it can also keep you distracted. Leaving your phone and headphone behind and spending some time with yourself is good for your mental health. 

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