Can You Use Sauna After Liposuction? (+ Liposuction Aftercare Guide)

Even though liposuction isn’t as invasive of a procedure as it used to be, there are still a lot of very important steps to recovery that require some temporary changes to your lifestyle and habits.

It is not recommended to use a sauna after liposuction as it can increase the risk of complications such as bleeding, bruising, and swelling. You need to focus on following the recovery instructions provided by the surgeon to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of complications.

Keep reading to learn how soon after liposuction can you use the sauna and the things you should do and avoid doing after liposuction.

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Is Sauna After Liposuction A Good Idea?

Sitting inside a sauna, even for a few minutes, isn’t a good idea shortly after having liposuction. The incision point is going to be quite sensitive for a while, and it’s extremely important that you keep that area as clean as possible. Your sweat could end up dripping bacteria into the healing incision which could lead to infection. 

It’s not recommended you work up a sweat through working out, sauna usage, or strenuous activity while in recovery from liposuction. While you might think breaking a sweat will help you on your weight loss journey, it isn’t worth the potential setback in the healing process. Any activity that could subsequently dehydrate you is discouraged when recovering from liposuction as well. 

There isn’t a lot of targeted research that can definitively state that saunas are directly helpful or harmful when healing from a variety of health conditions or procedures. Most plastic surgeons will advise against sauna usage, however, so it’s best to just stay out of it until you’re given the all-clear from your medical team. 

How Soon After Liposuction Can You Use a Sauna?

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Following surgery wait for a couple of weeks before stepping into a sauna (image source)

It’s advised that you wait four weeks minimum before getting into a sauna after having liposuction. Generally, most plastic surgeons will recommend staying out of the sauna or steam room for between four and six weeks. It’s best to seek out medical advice before doing anything that could impact the healing process, as each individual heals from surgery differently. 

There’s some potential risk of infection at the incision site due to increased exposure to heat and sweat. Since hot temperatures are known to attract bacteria, you run the risk of unnecessarily exposing yourself to bacteria that could get into your wound. 

The ultimate reason why you shouldn’t use a sauna right after liposuction is due to potential dehydration. Most sauna users know the importance of drinking plenty of water before, during, and after sauna usage. However, any potential for dehydration should be avoided when healing post-surgery as you want your body to reserve all its strength to bring your body back to normal. 

Is It Okay To Sauna After Surgery?

There is no comprehensive study that suggests saunas themselves are harmful post-surgery. What is known is that exposure to extreme temperatures, activities that can dehydrate you, and excessive sweating aren’t helpful to recovery. While you might not experience devastating hindrances of recovery, the potential risks are not worth the minimal reward. 

Saunas are often used post-recovery for workouts, pain management, and for muscle relaxation. They also help a lot of people who are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety. It’s not evident that saunas have the same benefits after surgery so it’s best to stay away, as hard as it might be for frequent sauna users. 

Where sauna usage can come in handy after surgery once the physical aspects of your procedure are healed and you’re looking to feel refreshed, handle any remnants of pain or discomfort, or are just looking to get back into a regular routine again. 

Do’s & Don’t After Liposuction

You should be sure to write down any advice given by your plastic surgery team to aid in your individual recovery. Following their instruction along with general recommendations can ensure you have the best post-liposuction experience and end up with the results you desire.

  • Compression garments are highly recommended to keep your incision area protected and to cover your dressings. 
  • There are certain activities that you should avoid for at least a couple of weeks after liposuction. You can do some light activity after a couple of weeks but should avoid major workouts or lifting for at least four to six weeks.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs, saunas, and hot showers or baths for four to six weeks as well.  
  • What you do with your body and what you put in your body is very important after liposuction. You don’t have to eat less, but you want to eat healthy so you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to get back to optimal condition.
  • You should be drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, and should avoid an excess of caffeine and alcohol. 
  • Be sure you’re cleaning your incision area meticulously exactly as you’ve been told. This is one of the best ways to help the incision area heal as quickly as possible and mitigate your risk of infection.
  • After cleaning, put your compression garments on right after. These garments not only protect you but help aid in recovery and reduce swelling. 
post op compression garment for men
Post-op compression garment for men (Image source)

How Can You Recover From Liposuction Faster?

There are no known shortcuts to speeding up recovery from liposuction. There have been a lot of advancements in this type of surgery that allow you to get back to regular activities much faster than before. It can’t be overstated, however, that following post-procedure instructions is your best bet, even though it takes some patience. 

Once the first couple of weeks post-surgery come to an end, you’re likely to be in the condition to go back to work, at least for the short term. Taking light walks and moving your body, even for a few minutes, helps to keep your blood flowing and your energy levels up. Taking care of yourself by getting lots of water and eating healthy foods helps as well. 


Even though liposuction isn’t as involved or invasive of surgery as it once was, it’s still a surgery that requires you to take it easy to avoid any potential complications afterward. As long as you take your surgeon’s advice when it comes to post-operational protocols, you should be able to get back into your favorite sauna a short time after getting liposuction. 

(Featured image by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels)

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