Can You Use iPad in Sauna? (What About Other Apple Products?)

The idea of a sauna is to rest and relax, allowing the emanating heat to purify and cleanse your body. To add to this concept of repose, some people may want to bring in their smart device, like an iPad, hoping to enhance the experience.

Don’t use your iPad in a sauna. It will overheat and incur damage. While some people will say an infrared sauna is okay, it’s still not a good idea. The moment you trip the moisture sensors inside the device with a drop of sweat, the warranty will void.

Even though newer models can withstand water submersion, recent lawsuits against Apple show that they aren’t entirely forthcoming. They vehemently advertise the waterproofing capability of their devices and it isn’t necessarily true. It’s just not worth testing it out.

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iPad Max Temperature

Per Apple, the maximum temperature for using an iPad should never go above 96°F (35°C). Even when not in use, the temperature shouldn’t exceed 113°F (45°C). Unfortunately, the typical range for a sauna’s temperature is between 180°F (78°C) and 220°F (160°C). Clearly, any sauna will be too hot for any kind of iPad to function properly.

What Happens When iPad Gets Too Hot?

ipad lying on a desk
Exposure to too much heat will damage the iPad (image source)

If an iPad gets too hot, several things can happen. First, it can permanently damage the battery and overall functionality, resulting in a shortened battery life. 

In most instances, you’ll get a warning screen notifying you of the excessive heat. This means the system will completely turn off in an effort to avoid sustaining irreparable damage. Therefore, if you’re in a sauna, you’ll have to leave immediately so your device can cool off.

Problems with Lag & Poor Functionality

Even if you don’t receive the warning and continue to use the iPad, things will begin to lag. For instance, if you’re watching a movie, the audio and visual images won’t match up right. Alternatively, the sound may go wonky and break up in a similar fashion as when you get out of a radio station’s range.

Also, video games will fail to function, and playing music may not happen altogether. If all you want to do is listen to music while in the sauna, do a little research on other ways to do this. Just don’t employ your iPad for this purpose.

Water & Heat Damage Issues

If water encounters the device, it will trip the sensors. For those who paid a pretty penny for their iPad’s warranty, you can consider it void. What’s more, even if the sensors turn on, it doesn’t mean your device is safe from problems down the road.

Your iPad may work fine for a few days to a week without issue. But you’ll soon begin to notice consistent problems such as the battery running low quickly, not being able to hold a charge, or not fully charging altogether. All three of these are aftereffects symptoms of water and/or heat damage.

It Will Shutdown

In the event the device heats beyond what the iPad can handle, it will shut down right away. Also, it may not accept the charger when plugged into an outlet. You will have to wait to get the device back to a normal temperature for it to become operational again.

Can You Take Apple Products into the Sauna?

electronics lying on a desk
Apple electronics don’t fare well inside a sauna (image source)

Never take Apple products into the sauna. These delicate computerized electronics are subject to incur damage from water, sweat, and heat. The expense and cost of such devices are far too great to change it. Plus, there’s always the risk of electric shock if something shorts out beyond the usage parameters the device can handle.

However, if you have an older device that still works and is about to kick the bucket anyway, then go ahead and accept the potential consequences. But, be sure you use caution and keep it away from your body, away from the heating element and keep it at a safe distance in an effort to incur the least amount of damage possible.

Electronics That Are Not Allowed in a Sauna

Never take any electronics with you into a sauna. The damage potential from the balmy environment will not be worth ruining them. Besides, saunas are for relaxation and purification, not stimulation. This is not the time to watch a movie, play video games, argue with people on social media or listen to a podcast.

Leave electronics in your locker or other safe location while in a sauna.  This means you should avoid taking the following types of electronics into this sultry, warm atmosphere:

  • Microphones
  • No Speakers of any kind
  • Headphones (i.e. Airpods and other earbuds)
  • Smartphones
  • Any smart devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindles, Bluetooth and etc)
  • Standalone radios or CD players
  • Portable TVs
  • Small Video Game and/or GPS Consoles
  • Walkmans and Cassette Players (if anyone even uses these anymore)
  • No Electric Cords (extension, power jacks, charging, power strips and etc)
  • No Microchips (car keys, FOBs, USB ports, memory sticks and etc)
  • Joysticks, Game Controllers, and Remote Controls
  • Any Kind of Wireless or Recording Device
  • No Battery-Operated Devices
  • Any Kind of Lighting Mechanism (LEDs, battery-operated tea lights, flashlights, etc)
  • Meters, Monitors, or Gauges not Intended for Water, Heat, or Temperature (electromagnetic, seismographs, cardiac and etc)


Even though it may sound like a delightful idea to bring an iPad into a sauna, don’t. It’s just not worth the risk or the expense. The likelihood of the phone shutting down and incurring damage will ruin your ability to use the phone altogether. Therefore, keep it in a cool place where it will stay at room temperature.

That said, don’t keep it in your car or any other location outside because that presents its own set of problems. This is especially true if it’s summer, where the temperature outside will cause the same kind of damage as a sauna.

(Featured image by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels)

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