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There are many types of sauna you will find. But all of them have one underlying objective. That is, to relax your body and mind and help your body detoxify itself through pore cleansing. Along with the benefits, sauna sessions shower on your multiple other bodily advantages that are immensely beneficial. But now, we will start our discussion about the most authentic and the most vintage style sauna. Yes, it is the wood-burning sauna that we are going to talk about now. It offers you the majestic sensation of relaxation along with bestowing on you its numerous benefits. Therefore, without delaying our discussion any longer, let us jump straight into it.

We will be starting our discussion with a general introduction to a wood-burning sauna. Thus, let us know a bit about what a wood-burning sauna is?

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What is a Wood Burning Sauna?

You can understand clearly from its name that a wood-burning sauna makes use of a wood-burning stove. It is unlike the infrared saunas or the other regular saunas that use heaters. Therefore, you have the authentic and, specifically, a vintage-style session of warmth and numerous health benefits. The core and the most significant factor of a wood-burning sauna is its heat source, which is a wooden stove. The wood-burning sauna sessions instill the olivine diabase sauna stones, on which you can pour water to generate the heavenly loyly. Loyly is the word that refers to the steam generated when someone runs water over the hot sauna stones. And, if it is a place of freezing temperatures and you have spent all your time outside, the wood-burning sauna is the perfect option, and also, it is going to feel like a session of bliss to you.

We hope this was a sumptuous introduction to a wood-burning sauna. Now that we know what it is, why don’t we see what we should consider for building a wood-burning sauna? If you are wondering if you can include a sauna in your ‘do it yourself list, let us tell you, then a wood-burning sauna is the appropriate choice. Now, without any delay, let us chalk down the list of the factors you must consider for building a wood-burning sauna.

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Things to consider while building a wood-burning sauna

The following list notes down all the necessary aspects one should remember for making a wood-burning sauna.

The correct location

You must know that even building a sauna includes the appropriate location. The prime factors that an area must suffice for a wood-burning sauna are as follows: a flat and level ground surface, enough space to hold a wooden box with a height of about seven feet, and lastly, a clear area for at least six feet on the ground. Therefore, find a location that gives you a green signal for all the three necessities, and then you have your perfect spot to build a wood-burning sauna.

 Correct materials

You have to get the appropriate material for building your wood-burning sauna. And, when you are making a wood-burning sauna, it is crucial to choose the correct wood type. The most suitable type of wood is cedar. It is because it possesses the ability to deal with moisture. The other material requirements include laying down a concrete foundation, construction of a drain, aluminum vapor barrier, and fiberglass to enable proper insulation. It is highly advisable to seek help from a builder for the task to be impeccably successful.

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The right side of the sauna room

We would suggest you not be too ambitious nor too narrow with your plans. So what is the way out? It is by having the perfect size of the wood-burning sauna room. Also, the size of the sauna room varies with the number of people you would want to fit in it. But, if you ask us an appropriate general measure for the room, we would say the dimension of four by six feet is enough or, rather, ideal for having two-three people relaxing in your wood-burning sauna room.

The correct source of heat

When you are building a wood-burning sauna room, it is clear that you will need wood-burning stoves for generating heat in your sauna room. Therefore, you must fetch yourself the best wood-burning stove and the best quality of the correct type of wood for your wood-burning sauna sessions. Also, most importantly, the temperatures rise pretty high with the wood-burning stoves. So, it would be best to maintain extreme caution about enabling the right temperature in the room.

 Know how much you are going to spend

You must know it beforehand or calculate an estimate of the amount of money you will spend on building your wood-burning sauna sessions. Cedarwood is quite expensive, but overall, making a wood-burning sauna room is cheaper than building any other type of sauna room. Also, if you are planning to DIY, it will cost you even less.

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Advantages of using a wood-burning sauna

Now, the most beneficial and crucial part of our discussion. Wood-burning sauna sessions have numerous advantages that the other saunas do not. And the countless benefits are present in the following list.

  • Wood-burning sauna sessions do not require electricity. Therefore, you can save a lot of electricity. As it does not require electricity, you do not have to worry about running hefty electricity bills.
  • It is more affordable and cheaper than the other sauna types.
  • It has a vintage effect along with the soothing sensation of wood cracking sounds and smell.

Wood burning sauna is one of the most pleasant and cost-friendly sources of relaxation you can ever find. It also does not make you pay huge sums, and you end up saving electricity as well. Along with the added advantages that only a wood-burning sauna can grant you, you get to enjoy the moments of relaxation and bless yourself with the numerous general benefits of a sauna session. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing session without hammering your pocket too much, it will be the best decision to opt for a wood-burning sauna session.

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