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Wood burning sauna heater

Wood burning sauna heaters implement woods to create heat, which is the primary source of a steam room. They burn a large number of sauna stones on which the water gets poured to create steam. This type of heater offers a soothing and soft heating experience to the user. The flickering flames, the ambiance, and the smell of the wood smoke help the user relax easily compared to the latest technology saunas. Wood-burning sauna heaters come with numerous advantages along with a few drawbacks. 

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Benefits of Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

It is now time to check out the unconditional benefits that a wood-burning heater offers. They are as follows. 

There is no necessity for electricity.

With the implementation of wood-burning heaters, you can use the sauna room even if there is no electricity. It will make it easier and more accessible to use the sauna room with the wood heater. These are perfect for remote and urban areas where irregularity in the supply of electricity is.

Comes with Numerous Health Advantages

The temperature of the wood-burning heaters is higher than the saunas operated by the electric ones. Steam room includes 100% humidity, while wood heaters offer only 30%. They are the best in releasing stress and tension along with improving the circulation of blood. Wood-burning sauna heaters assist in rejuvenating the skin with the help of sweat. 

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Help to socialize people

Wood burning sauna heater is a perfect alternative to socialize with people in the steam room. You can spend some quality time peacefully in these sauna rooms with your family and friends, as the room temperature is quite pleasant.

Other than this, since the heaters do not contain any heating element, there is no tension of wearing out or needing any replacement. Although you have to buy wood to run these heaters, however, do not have to pay high electric bills. Wood-burning sauna heaters are much more affordable than electric ones. They can efficiently create lower humidity with higher heat, which produces an ideal environment for the sauna. Some of the other advantages of wood-burning heaters are:

  • The heater stones get warm-up due to high temperature
  • Come with simple construction and operation
  • An integral part of the traditional sauna

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Drawbacks of Wood Burning Sauna Heater

The primary drawback of a wood-burning sauna heater is the storage and usage of wood. You will need a massive storage area to keep the woods well protected and dry from the weather conditions. It takes more time to heat up compared to the electric heaters and also involves additional work. You also need to properly ventilate carbon monoxide, which gets created due to the smoke, making it impossible to use it in indoor sauna rooms. You require constant monitoring to maintain the heat and the flames. Some other disadvantages of wood-burning sauna heaters are as follows.

  • Needs strict fire safety protocols
  • Requires a chimney to pass out the smoke
  • Have to clean it regularly 

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End Thoughts

When it comes to the heater options for the sauna, there are innumerable options out there. But wood-burning sauna heaters have been present for more than 1000 years in the market. Many people in today’s world prefer them over the current electric ones due to their authenticity. They are easy to install and come within a reasonable price range. The smell of the wood-burning will create a vibe that you cannot feel elsewhere. There is no maintenance or replacement cost from time to time, making it the first choice of many people. 

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