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The sauna bathroom is a room where steam is released at your desired temperature and helps you to sweat even without exercise. We will discuss the types of sauna baths available worldwide and their qualities and facilities. Athletes widely use sauna baths, Olympians, swimmers, etc. a sauna helps reduce your water weight and is also responsible for circulating better-oxygenated blood in your body. Sauna is known to reduce your weight without exercise, though it is not true that above 1000 calories can be burnt only by sitting it does burn more than 100 by just a 30-minute session There are around many types of saunas present in the world which will be described below:



Electrically heated saunas are much spartan than saunas that use wood as their burning resources because you don’t have to remain worried about the fuel supply. Once your room is perfectly wired, all you must do is press a button to set your room to your desired temperature. The most prominent feature they have is the control they offer you over the temperature control in the room. You don’t have to worry about your electricity bill because the more advanced your machine is, the less the electricity consumption will be. This is one of the points which makes it easier for people to purchase sauna baths.


Other than dry heat saunas, there are many types of saunas, including the wet sauna. Wet saunas are very different from steam rooms. They use a heating element that makes hot, humid air when water is splashed on the heating element. Top sauna places do not allow water splashes on rocks because it will damage the element (many people, out of curiosity or fun, pour an entire bucket of water on it). In such a hot and humid place, you are bound to sweat. The temperature can be raised to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You sweat so much because your body will try to cool your body’s temperature by releasing sweat. Hence it increases your heartbeat, and you lose your calories.


Features which only infrared sauna will give is the heat which is emitted in the room goes deep into your muscles and hence helps to release the tension between your muscles (this provides long-term good health and will keep your joints in a much better place), the modern sauna machines do not heat the room, they heat your body precisely and hence gives you the same effect which you get in traditional sauna baths. Also read: 3 person infrared sauna


Years ago, when electrical sauna baths were not invented, the fuel used for sauna baths was the excellent ole fire. The room is heated by the rocks, which are in turn heated by the fire, and little by little, water is added to make steam. There are two types of traditional or wood-burning saunas, traditional wood-burning sauna and contemporary wood-burning sauna heater.


This is a lodge that depends on a wood-burning heating source. The difference is that the rocks are heated outside of the lodge and are brought in when super-hot, and then the water is poured on rocks that heat the room with steam and hence are named a sweat lodge.


It is a two- to three-level house and is pretty humified when the water is splashed on the heated rocks. Humidity levels can be increased to 70 to 90 per cent. The top shelf of the house is around 90 degrees (less than a Finnish dry sauna), and when the humidity increases, the people sweat more as they feel hot. The most horrific fact is that Russian banyas can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius, that is 100 percent humidity. Usually, people prefer Russian banya over other saunas. After all, it will make you feel less humid and help you stay for more extended hours because it does not burn up your body like other saunas and gives similar results as other sauna baths.


The Finnish sauna is also two levels and is very dry. The humidity lies between 10 per cent to 15 per cent. The upper level has humidity which is around 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. Sauna rooms usually have wooden interiors, adding another aesthetic vibe to them.



Some sauna rooms are shaped like barrels. If you are looking for an outdoor sauna option, which is good-looking and can give you traditional feels, then barrel sauna might be one of the best options for you. The barrel design is a very charming, pleasing, and aesthetic option. If you have a farm or a barn-type property, then this might be a very eye-pleasing sauna for you. This also gives you some nostalgic feel about the countryside. The sauna room is slightly elevated from the ground, and if you want, you can fit this indoors too. The installation is also pretty straightforward (all you will need is the wiring kit and the instruction manual). This sauna uses an electric heater as its heating source. Read: Outdoor infrared sauna



Many built-in saunas are available in the market, starting from traditional to modern and with different prices and ranges. Amazon has a massive variety of sauna machines. If you want to shop for one, you can always search for them on amazon.


It is like a small box like a telephone booth, but it has an attached heater inside it, it will make you feel comfy, some of these have radios and control panels attached for a better experience. There are separate corners and drawers for the towels and bathtub, and they are kept away from the heater. Read: Best sauna kits


There are multiple corner design saunas available online and offline they also come in traditional and modern styles and are also available in various price ranges.


When you think about a sauna bath, you usually don’t think of a sauna that can be portable. Still, technologies have brought us wonders, including a portable sauna bath for travelers. If you want to have a sauna anywhere and everywhere, then this portable sauna might be the best option for you. They are cheaper than other options and are also portable. If you want a pocket-friendly experience, then this might be for you too. The installation is effortless, and you can set it up in a few minutes. You have to unfold it (the heating portions will be kept in a zipped lock pouch). You can make a space to poke your head out(if you are in the mountains and want to enjoy a beautiful sauna bath amongst the beautiful scenery of the snowy mountains ), it has sensors. It will automatically shut down when it detects no water left.


Some saunas are designed to be placed in homes. This sauna is perfect for people who want to enjoy its benefits and features but cannot enjoy it due to lack of space. This sauna can be easily fitted in a room. Sometimes privacy also matters, some people do not want to share a sauna with anyone, and some want to have a sauna that requires limited space. You don’t have to work too hard on it’s complicated installation as it has a separate unit for the infrared sauna. In top movies, you will find that people use this as their source of relaxation and don’t waste their time. People fall asleep in this but also reduce calories simultaneously.


Some products are also marked as sauna but don’t look like the traditional ones. One of those products is a sauna blanket. A sauna blanket looks like a sleeping bag but is a sauna. It has infrared light in it that is used to heal your body. The advantage is that you can use this during your sleep, which will feel much more typical than any other sauna bath. There are specific rules and regulations to it. You cannot use this if you have any severe medical conditions, so you are advised to consult a doctor or seek a medical consultation beforehand.

There is no harm in using sauna baths, but a medical checkup before it will save you from accidents (if any come). Pregnant women are not allowed to use sauna blankets, but older adults are advised to use them as it has infrared lights in them; hence the steam goes inside the muscles and reduces the tension between the joints and allows lubricant and better health, with better lubricant and less tension older adults, will have less joint pains compared to the people who do not use the sauna (infrared).


Steam showers are not saunas, but some refer to steam showers as saunas too, it is basically a hot shower, and you cannot stay as long as a sauna. The steam shower room also releases steam, and the temperature can also be controlled by the control panel, the more advanced your sauna bath is, the more benefits and easier to use it will be. They also have different interiors and varieties, the most common in the wooden interior (also detachable). After many surveys, people have removed the wooden flooring because it took high maintenance. Also read: Sauna after shower


These are the types of sauna present in the world, and all have different types and varieties available on the internet. There are cheaper alternatives for ones who want a pocket-friendly experience, and there are saunas for the ones who want to have a luxurious and delightful experience with no additional work on the head; there are eye-pleasing, eye-catching, and many more options for different kinds of people. Saunas are very popular in Japan (you will need multiple cartoon shows and animes), the United States, California, etc. Japan has public sauna stores where 30 people can stay together in a sauna room and enjoy the heat. It is not only cheap but also an excellent socializing place. 

Using a sauna in your routine can be very helpful in your upcoming years because weight loss also comes up with other health benefits, including a good heart, fresh oxygenated blood, etc. Only adding a sauna to your routine won’t help you a lot, but if you add a little bit of exercise to your schedule, then you can see the excellent effect on your body quickly. Athletes use the sauna to lose their water weight after practicing. Hence, it brings relaxation to your body and burns some extra calories for you.

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