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Sauna Temperature

There is no straightforward answer to this question as to what should be the perfect temperature of the sauna. This precisely and entirely depends on how you and your body like it to be. It also depends on the type of sauna you choose and what are its characteristics. For example, one might choose to relax on the hardwood bench and enjoy sweating at a comfortably warm temperature and pouring water timely along with a few drops of essential oil on rocks and enjoying the natural environment.

One might also prefer low-temperature saunas. Then you might go for contemporary portable saunas or infrared saunas, offering you lower temperatures. There are also steam saunas that are ideal if you prefer a high humidity condition and a low temperature. Well, all these can be understood when you pay attention to your body and how you feel when you are in there, neither too hot nor too cold, but rather a perfectly enjoyable and relaxing temperature.

The ideal sauna temperature

The temperature that we decide for our sauna depends primarily on our preference. Some of us cannot tolerate any temperature exceeding 80 degrees centigrade, whereas some might enjoy temperatures as high as 110 degrees centigrade. Although we can agree that we enjoy a wide range of temperatures of a sauna, there is a particular range that is safe and most relaxing. The recommended safe temperature for a traditional sauna will be 66 to 80 degrees centigrade and 49 to 54 degrees centigrade for infrared saunas.

But this range changes when it comes to pregnant ladies and people with health problems, including skin disease, asthma, heart disease, and high blood pressure. The ideal temperature then becomes below 70 degrees centigrade.

The relation between sauna humidity and heat

When we are in an environment of high temperature, our body’s main response is sweating. Sweating is a mechanism that allows the body to lose the excess latent heat through evaporation. The temperature difference between the outside environment and the body gets reduced, thereby making it pretty hard for the sweat to evaporate. Thus high Sauna humidity can affect the efficiency of sweating.

When this happens, the body sends hot blood to the surface of the skin to cool down. The blood vessels which are much closer to the surface of the skin will dilate. And this is one of the primary reasons why we see most people appearing red and flushed after staying in the sauna for a prolonged period.

This shows that the heart is continuously and more quickly pumping blood nonstop to both the skin and the muscles simultaneously. When this happens for a prolonged period occurs a deficiency of oxygen in the brain. And then this can be followed by the collapse of the person.

If you are a steam sauna person, you must know that it is important for you to maintain the proper temperature of the sauna and avoid excess heat. Steam generators boil the water and produce steam, raising the heat of the steam sauna and then continually releasing the steam in the room. Most of the steam saunas induce a high humidity level. It is approximately 85% to 90%. Moreover, sometimes the humidity level may reach 100%.

The ideal temperature for a high humidity sauna is 32 to 50 degrees centigrade. Most steam saunas often feel much warmer because of the humidity.

Dry Sauna Temperature Range

The two main types of dry saunas are traditional saunas and infrared saunas. Let us discuss both the saunas in detail.

Traditional Saunas

The mechanism of heating a dry sauna is quite fascinating. Traditional saunas heat the temperature by heating the sauna rocks. The moderate temperature of the traditional saunas varies from 66 degrees centigrade to 88 degrees centigrade.

The initial plan for the traditional sauna was to use the wood-burning rocks to heat checks to raise the temperature. But now instead of that, electric heaters are used. This maintains an automated temperature where the temperature is simply radiated in the air of the sauna. The heater automatically turns off or turns on the electricity supply until it is put out permanently. This helps to prevent excessive heating or complete cooling of the sauna.

Infrared Saunas

The infrared saunas work completely in a different way from traditional and steam saunas to make you sweat. Infrared waves are generated, and these waves gently penetrate your body and then raise the core temperature of your body and relax it. The infrared energy emitted by the waves is of the same wavelength as the waves generated by our body naturally. The wavelength is approximately 7microns to 14 microns.

An important point can be noted here. A 2-person infrared sauna creates the same experience as a traditional dry sauna but at a comparatively much lower temperature range. For most infrared saunas, the temperature ranges between 26 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees centigrade.

Portable Sauna

Portable saunas are the most common in the market and are in high demand these days. It uses an infrared heating sauna’s mechanism, and then the surface of your skin gets warmed by infrared radiations and generates positive infrared energy in our body. It is important to maintain the temperature of 38 degrees centigrade to 65.5 degrees centigrade inside the sauna since it is portable.

Usually, the portable version tends to take 10 to 15 minutes to heat up from a cold start, just like the classic infrared saunas. However, some models take a preheat time of 25 minutes, unlike the regular infrared saunas.

Suppose you are a keen traveler and show a great liking towards a good sauna. Then a portable sauna is a must-have on your list. You can even plan to buy the portable sauna and take it with you anywhere and enjoy the benefits the sauna offers wherever you go.

Also, this sauna is inexpensive. You can buy a trial model for the bigger one you want to install once you get comfortable with the portable one.

How hot can your sauna be?

This solely depends on how you prefer your sauna to be. However, we know that a relaxing temperature should be moderate. But you can choose your relaxation temperature. But along with relaxation, a sauna helps detoxify the body and mind. So one must keep in mind that just raising the temperature to release more sweat will not lead to a better and faster way of detoxification. Hence a moderate temperature of around 66 degrees centigrade to 80 degrees centigrade.

Important points to remember

Many things are loveable about a humble sauna. A range of positive effects comes with a good sauna, such as good relaxation and various health benefits such as low blood pressure, improved cardiovascular function, and relief of cold symptoms.

One might enjoy chilling after a long and tiring workday or spending quality time with the loved ones, or one might also want to add up to a luxury experience to their bath in their homes. Then you can look forward to the many-many good and beneficial factors of a good sauna.

Then how long should a person spend inside the sauna? Well, if you want a quick breakout, you might go for a higher temperature and come out soon. But if you want to enjoy the sauna, you don’t want to raise the temperature and stay longer inside. But staying at a hot temperature for too long can cause various health hazards like heat exhaustion, hyperthermia, and heatstroke. You should also consider seeking advice if you’re pregnant or suffer from a heart condition, skin disease, asthma, etc., or high blood pressure.


Saunas provide a very good result and don’t usually go wrong in any aspect when it comes to benefits related to health. The benefits that we have to offer to us are inimitable. The benefits that one gets from the sauna sessions disperse throughout their bodies. Whether it is their heart or the muscles in the body, sauna sessions readily help enhance physical and mental health. No wonder saunas are in great demand these days. Regardless of the model of sauna you choose, any sauna will provide you with the best results. Rest is up to you, how you would like the temperature of your sauna to be, and what model you choose for your sauna, in all ways you can be benefitted. The outcomes are promising when all the above points are maintained in mind. Then you surely are not investing your time and energy in the wrong place.

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