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Sauna Shorts

Sauna shorts are waterproof sweatpants made of coated nylon cloth. They will make you sweat excessively. Previously the sauna suits were made from rubber, but now the manufacturers have changed the material. It helps enhance the body temperature while working out and can hold the heat for a longer time. If you wear sauna shorts during the workout, you will automatically burn extra calories due to the heavy sweat. With the increasing popularity of sauna shorts, there are several myths also about this product. So without further ado, let us look inside the best short product details and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Sauna Shorts

With the numerous availability of sauna shorts, it is confusing to choose the best suited one regarding the features. Finding the best quality sauna shorts is not as easy as it sounds. There are various things to consider before purchasing a sauna short. Below we have mentioned thorough research about the best sauna shorts. So you can get the best quality product.

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1. KUMAYES Sauna Sweat Pants for Women

  • Include extensive weight loss features.
  • Create a sauna effect around the waist and thigh. 
  • Composed of breathable fabric. It does not bother if worn for a long time. 

Professional athletes wear KUMAYES sauna sweat pants. It works as an addition to your weight loss journey. It is more efficient than a body shaper to shape the body flawlessly. You can wear sweatpants while doing yoga, gym, cycling, running, boxing, hiking, jogging, and night walking. 


  • You can use it as sportswear as well as casual pants.
  • Your feminine silhouette becomes more attractive after using it. 


  • Few people complained about the material as it seemed uncomfortable to them.

2. URSEXYLY Women Sauna Sweat Shorts

  • Give five times more sweat than usual sweat pants.
  • Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. 
  • Prevent bad odor caused by heavy sweat.

The URSEXYLY Women Sauna Sweat Shorts are made of silver polymer fabric to trap the heat. This material raises the temperature rapidly and helps to burn calories with ease.


  • Free from any allergic reaction.
  • Looks very stylish and trendy, matches every type of cloth.


  • Some users did not get one drop of sweat while using it.

3. Rolewpy Women Neoprene Sauna Sweat Shorts

  • These sweatpants are dry, quick, and comfortable. 
  • Anti-Cellulite body shaper creates a sauna effect by increasing the heat three times more.
  • They are made from soft and comfortable fabric.

These tight pants never roll up and go with every sort of workout outfit during yoga, gym, running, cycling, or jogging. They are composed of thermo neoprene fabric.


  • Include two side pockets to carry keys, cards, mobile, and more
  • The flexibility of these shorts allows air circulation.


  • It makes a foul odor that is hard to stand.

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4. LMCOB Sauna Sweat Short Pants for Men

  • The perspiration rate increases five times more. 
  • Do not make you feel stuffy though you sweat extensively. 
  • The fabric creates a higher compression force.

These upgraded polymer sweat pants are suitable for all exercises and activities. It helps to build strong abdominal muscles.


  • The wide waistband flattens the abdominal fat.
  • Two side pockets are convenient for mobile, cards, keys, etc.


  • Few people got allergic reactions wearing it.

5. Men’s Workout Sauna Hot Sweat Thermo Shorts

  • Provide quick and better results.
  • Boosts microcirculation, flushes toxins.
  • Help to deduct fluids in fat cells.

These sauna shorts are very effective in burning fat. It is made of neoprene and designed in a unique style resulting in more sweating.


  • Effective to tone down a few body parts such as – hips, thighs, and waist.
  • Help to deduct fat without intense workout sessions.


  • Some users did not like the material as it sticks to the skin.

Bottom Line

As sauna shorts are efficient in weight loss, they can injure your body parts if not chosen as the best quality product. There are numerous cheap-quality sauna shorts out there, but the above ones will fulfill your requirements and make your workout sessions comfortable. 

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