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We all crave a relaxing, spa-type experience at home, right? Just imagine a steam sauna shower combo in your bathroom, heating your bathroom. This can end up being the perfect way to love and treat yourself at the end of a stressful day. Steam sauna shower comes with a lot of advantages and benefits.

A sauna, also known as sudatory, is a tiny room designed to enjoy and experience wet or dry heating sessions. There are chambers in the room that release high steam and heat, which leads people to sweat. Some other therapy like infrared therapy is also another type of sauna (Finnish sauna organizations do not consider it as a type of sauna bath).


There are many brands which offer a lot of varieties of sauna showers, and at different prices, it is normal for a person to get confused between all of the varieties, so do not worry we are here to help you, you can pick from these:

Ariel Platinum Steam Shower 

People have reviewed it to be one of their finest choices, and it has a rainfall showerhead for the ultimate experience. There are many reviews where people are very happy with the product and are willing to purchase; please go through the lines below for a detailed description its dimensions are 59 x 32 x 87. It has a computer control panel with a timer for easy use. Other than that, it also has a ventilation fan and overheats protection. It is also ETL listed (in the USA and Canada electrical safety)


  • Two stools, teak wooden floorboard, 220v hardwired installation
  •  20 acupressure Body jets (massage therapy, dual 8-inch rainfall shower)
  • Steam sauna (6KW generator)
  • Chroma therapy lighting, aromatherapy (without oils)

Corner Steam Shower with Whirlpool Base, Hand Shower, Foot Massager

This beautiful, huge, standing corner unit is a bomb filled with features. It has a huge monsoon rain shower head, giving you a feel of natural rainfall (very relaxing after a stressful day). It also has a handheld shower, pulsating back jets, a comfortable headrest, and a very powerful 3KW steam generator. This product also has a two-tier glass shelf and a modern touch control panel to control its shower, pressure, heat, and other options that allow easy access. This product will help you relax after a very stressful day, and also you do not need to worry about its maintenance as one-two times a year is more than enough for products like this. This might be the one you are looking for if you have bathrooms that are small in size.


  • FM radio
  •  Lights
  • Foot massager
  • In shower ventilation
  • Whirlpool tub(as a base)

ARIEL Platinum DZ972-1F8-BLK Black 

This one is special because it is designed to fit easily in a small space (the size of a bathtub). After you install this modern product, you won’t regret your decision as this sleek, modern steam shower comes with health benefits and some relaxation in your daily life, and this will be enough for you to enjoy your luxurious bath at home. This brand recommends people to use this product for their daily showers. It has alternate flooring (which will make it easy for you to clean). Beneath its teak wood flooring, it has an acrylic base floor pan. You can use anything you like. It has a 6KW steam generator capable of producing good quality steam within a minute. It has awesome durability (lasts for more than five years), can be easily installed (with the instructions provided). It does not need maintenance every month. Checking it twice every year is fine. 


  • Built-in digital control panel
  •  Good quality steam in one minute
  • FM radio
  • Built-in heating limiter (provides safe heating)

Aston ZA219-R 24 Body Jets Steam Shower 

The steam shower has functioned as a standard shower but has some special features like a steam generator, computerized control panel, body jets, handheld shower, and many more. It is made up of durable and long-lasting fiberglass and reinforced acrylic, the safety of the tempered glass. It is certified with aluminum framing, also a built-in 3kw steam generator. It can create good quality steam within 5 minutes. It has an overhead rainfall shower with a multi-functional shower house with directional body jets. The thermostatic faucet also has a push-button with an LED control panel and a built-in FM tuner to maintain the constant temperature. It has one built-in seat, storage shelves, 12V lights, Exhaust fan.


  •  Made up of strong and durable fiberglass along with ANSI certified tempered glass (right-hand version)
  • Overhead rainfall showerhead with multi-functional handled shower and approx. 24 body jets
  •  Enabled push-button LED control panel and FM radio with speaker

Ariel Bath DA333F8 Platinum Steam Shower & Sauna

The ARIEL DA333F8 Platinum steam shower has a dimension of about 59’*59’. It is designed to be fitted in the bathroom corner; this can change your bathroom corner into a luxurious one. This complete steam shower has every facility you can enjoy in a spa. This product is sleek looking and brings tons of facilities with it. It includes a 3kw steam generator for producing the perfect amount of steam (helps in deeper cleaning than standard showers), it also includes six massaging body jets (for your full body massage), six whirlpool jets (located inside the whirlpool tub base) with a handheld showerhead. Some additional features include FM RADIO. You can control everything from the computer panel (touchscreen computer panel with a timer). The most important feature of this sauna tub is the comfort that will be provided by the thermostatic faucet and other temperature sensing capabilities; hence when you enable the temperature of your desire, your shower will not be too hot or too cold.


  • Overheat protection
  • 5mm Tempered glass
  • 59rdquo*89rdquo(dimension)
  • Touchscreen control panel


Here we conclude that a steam sauna shower is necessary for today’s generation. As already mentioned, it gives you a deeper cleanse than the normal shower. If you are thinking of investing in one, then you won’t regret the decision. You should consider the other combos mentioned above for the best picks that you might be looking for.

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