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Sauna etiquette

Most modern gym amenities consist of a sauna for having a nice hot steam bath after a rigorous workout session. A sauna bath helps you to get rid of muscle soreness and fatigue after doing the exercises. They are the perfect companion to sweat and burn calories. But in a public sauna, you have to share a space with others, so you have to maintain some etiquette among them. If you are entering the sauna for the first time, you might be unaware of the corrector’s inappropriate behavior. Being in such a confined and humid space, you have to keep in mind some etiquette. In this article, we will describe the basic protocols to follow while relaxing inside a sauna without breaking any social taboo.

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Manners to follow inside a sauna

You should always follow the below manners when you are present in the sauna room with others.

Lower down the Volume

 A public sauna is a communal place for relaxation and meditation purposes. Thus people should always maintain silence inside the room. If you need to talk to a person sitting next to you, you can do it by speaking softly and in a lower tone as much as possible.

Always bring your towel

You need to carry your towel in any public sauna room. It is due to hygiene and sanitary purposes and is also one of the most significant non-written rules of the sauna protocols. You can also utilize a robe if you want.

Always shower before coming inside

Since people use the sauna after doing the workout most of the time, they remain sweaty due to the sessions. Thus rinse off any dirt or sweat before coming inside the sauna to avoid any disgust on other people’s faces.

Enter quickly inside

Whenever someone opens the door, steam will get released, and the temperature inside the room comes down. Thus, whenever you are leaving or entering the sauna room, come or leave quickly to close the door. It will prevent the steam from leaving the room.

Drink Water

You always need to keep yourself hydrated during, before, and after the sauna sessions. The high temperature inside prevents the sweat from evaporating. It means your body will be losing fluids profusely but will not be cooling down shortly. Since you will perspire in the sauna, you will end up getting dehydrated if you do not consume enough water.

Remain within your space

Sometimes public saunas can get packed. Thus you need to be well-mannered at that time and should always consider how much space you will be taking up. Whenever someone joins the room, adjust with other fellow participants to sit comfortably.

Bring additional three towels

In the USA, you have to bring an extra three towels, which is the minimum number here. The first towel you will wear before entering the sauna room, you can sit or lay on the bench while implementing the second and third towel will remain outside. The last one will help you to dry off once you are outside the sauna.

Select your space carefully

First of all, select your seat carefully after entering the sauna room. The top benches are the hottest when the temperature increases. So if you are using the sauna for the first time, it will be best to choose a space away from the heat where the temperature will be a little less.

Take short sessions

Experts recommend taking a short saunas session of not more than 20 minutes every day. Also, taking short sessions will allow other members waiting in the queue to use it quickly.

Always take care of other people’s comfort

Treat everyone present inside the sauna with complete respect-be it men or women. If you are disruptive, rowdy, or rude, the authorities include all the right to throw you out of the room.

Know clearly about the clothing policies

Some spa authorities allow you to enter nude, while others you have to use robes or towels. Thus knowing clearly about the clothing policies will save you and other people present inside the room from embarrassment or unpleasant experiences.

Always ask others before changing the heat

Always ask everyone present inside the sauna before enhancing or lowering the heat or temperature. It will show respect for other people and will also make them comfortable.

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Things you Should Never do inside a Sauna

Now, you have a clear idea about what manners you should follow inside a sauna. It is now time to look at the things that you need to avoid there.

Overwatering of the rocks

If you need to overwater the rocks, you might get loads of steam to rapidly overtake and fill up the sauna. It will make the environment uncomfortable and hot for everyone present in the sauna. Thus it is best to ask everyone before adding the steam without making anyone uncomfortable.

Never wear a swimsuit

 A swimsuit will not allow the moisture and heat from the body to get absorbed by the material. Additionally, the dye from the suit will enter your open pore with ease.

Never bring any phone or electronics with you

Can you imagine when you are in the dream world, a phone suddenly rings up and takes you back into reality? It is disturbing, right? So to avoid such frowned upon looks on you, never bring any electronics or phone with you inside the sauna room.

Do not spit inside

Though this is common sense, some people still do it inside a sauna. Spitting inside the room is considered bad etiquette and is exceptionally unhygienic for fellow spa-goers and employees working there.

Never wear any jewelry

Most jewelry is composed of metal which will get hot with the increasing temperature. Thus always take off any hooks or jewelry which can trap the heat and will ultimately burn you. 

Never forget the appointment

Always try to remember your appointments and time. As you cannot return and again claim your time from the authorities, so always be punctual and on time for your sessions.

Do not be nervous or over-competitive 

Anyone present inside the sauna always concentrates on themselves and others. For instance, if you are present inside a nude sauna, it is natural to feel awkward as you will be naked in front of other strangers. But you do not need to feel nervous as others are also the same there. You should try to be comfortable, relaxed, and focus only on yourself.

Never work out in a sauna

Sauna is a place to relax and be comfortable to enjoy a quiet environment. Never start working out inside a sauna room, as it can be distracting for others. If you are always restless and cannot remain in one place for a long time, this is not your place.

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Final Words

Regardless of the area where you will be using the sauna, always ensure to keep the place clean and hygienic. The sauna etiquettes all include knowing exactly how much time you should spend, what clothes to wear, and what to do, mindful of keeping other people comfortable. With the help of the above protocols, you can surely enjoy a beautiful experience.

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