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Outdoor Sauna

A Sauna is a famous piece of equipment that offers many advantages. It is a small room designed to make you sweat. The primary objective of a sauna is to maintain a high temperature inside the room to produce sweat, as it has numerous health and cosmetic benefits. It performs wet and dry heat therapy to remove your stress. You will find many nutritionists, cosmeticians, and pain management experts who recommend using a sauna as it can relieve you from muscle and joint pain. Besides, it also improves your blood circulation, detoxifies your skin, and eliminates toxins from your blood. So, if you want to use one, you must read this article. Here we have provided the below eight outdoor saunas to help you with your purchase. In addition, you can also learn how to set it up in your backyard from this writing. So, let us start reading.

AALEKO Pine Barrel 8 person Sauna

This pinewood sauna from the renowned AALEKO can be your ideal friend. The company manufactured it with two weather-proof support cradles to safeguard the wood and offer a stable structural foundation. This sauna comes with a tempered glass door, and the entrance has a pretty wooden handle too. Besides, the glass door provides a quiet and relaxing atmosphere also. 

The easy-to-operate LED screen panel offers easy access to the powerful 9 kW Harvia KIP electric heater. The shingle also protects this item from UV radiation, rain, and other potential damages. Not only this, but you use this product for 1 hour with ease. On top of it all, it gives longevity too. That is why this outdoor sauna is value for money. 


  • It can hold 8-adults comfortably
  • The tempered glass door can withstand high temperature
  • It has simple to operate LED screen panel


  • · You need to assemble it
  • · The setup takes time

Allwood Barrel Sauna

If you have a small patio, then you must look at this sauna from Allwood. 4-adults can comfortably sit in it. Made of thick slow-grown Nordic Spruce, this product offers added durability as it comes with roof shingles. The sturdy frame and walls protect this sauna from rain, sun, and snow effectively. Besides, it also has two 70-inch support cradles to raise the entire structure from the ground. The company made it with a tempered tinted glass door to offer the item a beautiful look and satisfactory user experience.


  • It has separate intake and outflow air vents
  • It has bitumen shingles to offer longevity
  • It can withstand high temperature


  • You will get a chimney kit
  • You have to assemble it partially

Sunray Cayenne Outdoor Sauna

The Cayenne infrared outdoor sauna from Sunray can accommodate 4-adult people comfortably. This sauna comes with eight ceramic heaters, offering you desired temperatures quickly. The 4-movable ergonomic backrests give added comfort, and the oxygen ionization feature purifies the air efficiently. This product is composed of hemlock wood and is ideal for any outdoor patio setting. It also has features, like cup holders, reading lamps, an FM radio and MP3 player, and many more. Besides, the assembly is also hassle-free, and you can install it without any trouble.


  • It has 8-ceramic heaters and an LCD control panel
  • This 2100 watts product offer durability
  • Incorporated with recessed exterior lighting and oxygen 
  • Ionizer for air purification


· The cup holders are of cheap quality

· The construction is average to below average

ALEKO Cedar wood Sauna

Made of Cedarwood, this outdoor sauna from ALEKO is affordable and suitable for 4-persons. It improves blood circulation, less fatigue, increases metabolism, nourishes skin, and reduces stress and anxiety. Featured with an electric heater with heated rocks, it quickly heats the air. Besides, the tempered glass door remains unfazed by fluctuations in temperature.


  • It has an asphalt shingle roof
  • The control panel has a touch screen function
  • You will get a hygrometer and interior lamps with this product


  • It needs time to set it up

Western Pacific Outdoor Sauna

The brand western Pacific comes with this sauna that has 6 ceramic heaters. This sauna is composed of 100% waterproof hemlock wood and has a unique MP3/Auxiliary Input for iPod and iPhone with 2-speakers. Besides, you can also set the timer setting from 0 to 60 minutes.


  • Digital control panel
  • Waterproof tempered glass door
  • Portable sauna


  • It is a bit expensive

ALEKO Pine Barrel Steam Outdoor Sauna

Again the renowned sauna brand ALEKO has presented this product that restores your body and mind efficiently. This outdoor sauna is made with white pine wood and provides the most convenient interior space while reducing excess cubic feet. It also heats the air quickly as it has a 9 kW heater and stones. This product comes with a front porch canopy and is perfect as it maximizes seating space significantly. Besides, it has a bucket and scoops feature to enable you to pour water over the heated stones to increase humidity and temperature. 


· It can accommodate 8-people comfortably

· It has an easy to operate digital touch screen panel

· It has an automatic 60-minute shut-off timer


· You need to assemble it

BZBCabinsAndOutdoors.com Outdoor Sauna Kit

If you want to purchase a dual room-based outdoor sauna that can accommodate 6-8 people, then check this product from BZBCabinsAndOutdoors.com. Manufactured with a Harvia M3 heater, this item is ideal if you wish to get the benefits of a sauna. It has a glass door and the Nordic Spruce windows enhance its beauty. Besides, you will get stones, an aspen bucket, and a ladle with this product.


  • It can accommodate up to 8-person with ease
  • Featured with a beautiful Nordic spruce window
  • It offers longevity


  • A bit expensive

Allwood Barrel Sauna

This sauna from Allwood has a cylinder shape that enables continuous air circulation. As a result, you can enjoy longer steam sessions while saving energy costs. This sauna is featured with a separate dressing room and offers space for relaxation and storage. Besides, the roof shingles give added durability as well. In addition, it incorporates three 70-inch support cradles to raise the structure from the ground. On top of all, this product can accommodate eight people with ease.


  • Made of thick Nordic spruce wood wall
  • It has two back windows and a separate dressing room
  • The covered porch protects it from sun or rain


  • Installation needs time and expertise

How to build an outdoor sauna?

Before you start making your sauna, you should decide your personal needs. For example, you can purchase a pre-existing building or build your sauna in your backyard

Pre-existing building

It excludes the requirement to build the sauna structure. You will only need to do wiring and plumbing. 

Do it yourself

If you wish to build a unique and individualized sauna, follow the below steps carefully.

  • Select a location and a size

First, you need to choose an area that is at least 7-feet high and 6-feet wide. Besides, the location has to be far from the house, especially if you want to use a wood-burning stove. You need to make the structure at least 4-feet by 6-feet to fit two or three people comfortably. But you can build it bigger as per your requirement and preference.

  • Select appropriate materials

You can make your sauna from cedar if your budget permits. It can withstand excessive moisture and offers durability as well. Besides, there are two types of wood people utilize to make outdoor saunas. They are as follows

  1. Softwoods

You can use softwoods like pine, fir, spruce, and redwood as they are cheaper and easily accessible. These woods are also suitable for building benches for the sauna.

  1. Hardwoods

Hardwoods like oak, walnut, maple, poplar, cherry, and birch are expensive. But if you want to build a long-lasting flame, they are appropriate as it has a slow burn.

  • Design it

Once you pick a location and gather wood, you can start the building process. It involves structure formation, wiring, plumbing, insulation, vent, and other works. After making the structure, you can do the electrical work or hire an electrician to do the job effectively. Besides, remember that you need the proper insulation to use the sauna adequately. You have to insulate the floor and ceiling with the walls. For this, you can use fiberglass or recycled cotton. In addition, you need to purchase a foil vapor barrier for heat retention. 

Summing it up

To sum up, these are some of the bestselling saunas that you can look at while purchasing. But remember that you should consider the pros and cons of every product before settling for one. Besides, as you learn from the above segment, you can build an outdoor sauna yourself. All you need to do is follow the above steps. Therefore, if you want to reap benefits from saunas, buy one and set it up without wasting time.

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