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Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Sauna

All of us need something relaxing after an exhausting day. It may be a cup of coffee on your cozy couch and just a little nap. But, what works the best as a source of relaxation is a session in the sauna room. What more would you want, right? The warm environment with the steam helping you ease and release all your anxieties. The tiny rooms with a temperature of 150-195 degrees Fahrenheit sometimes also have heated rocks to offer you the bliss of the steamy effect. If warm sauna sessions are what you prefer for relaxing yourself, you must have been debating some or the other day which one is better- infrared saunas or traditional saunas. Many points influence the answer. And to know what they are, let us dive into the discussion to decide which one is the winner- Is the Infrared Sauna or the Traditional one?

We would like you to know which one excels the other. The first requirement is to acquire a general introduction about both types. Therefore, without any further ado, here we present to you a general introduction to the two saunas in the discussion.

Infrared Saunas

You can clearly understand that infrared light plays an essential role in this type of sauna from its name. Precisely, the infrared saunas are those types of saunas in which heaters are located that radiate infrared light. Your skin absorbs the heat that these heaters produce as radiant light, which bestows you with an optimal feeling of relaxation. If you are worried that the infrared light may harm you, let us ease you by saying that it is not always that case. You are entirely safe to take infrared saunas. However, someone pregnant, diagnosed with a chronic illness, is too young or too old, or tends to get dehydrated quickly. For those people, it is highly recommended not to take infrared saunas.

Are you wondering how else you can benefit from the infrared saunas? Well, we have the most alluring answer for you. Infrared saunas do relax you profusely, but apart from that, it has several other benefits to grant you. Let us keep that discussion for later. And, now, with a great introduction to infrared saunas, let us jump into knowing what the traditional saunas have in store for you.

Traditional Saunas

You will always find the temperature within the range of 70 and 110 degrees Celcius in the Traditional sauna. The temperature in the traditional sauna rooms makes you feel warm, and therefore, you sweat. And, there are stones present that are heated. Then, carefully water is poured on the hot stones to generate steam and give you an impeccable sense of relaxation. Interestingly, the steam has a distinctive Finnish name, which is löyly. Löylyis the steam that rises when water is poured carefully from the top over the ‘kiuas’ stoves in the traditional sauna. You sweat as the walls of the sauna room have a high temperature. But, you need not worry about the overly high temperature because it has a range suitable for you to experience relaxation and sweat ideally. If you think that only infrared saunas have benefits to endow upon you, allow us to tell you that the traditional saunas, too, have numerous advantages. It will not be long till you know what they are, so stay tuned with the discussion!

With that being said, and now that we have provided you with a tiny introduction to both the types of sauna, you may ask us- What is the difference between them then? Isn’t it surprising how we read your mind? Thus, to answer and tell you where lies the difference between an Infrared Sauna and a Traditional sauna, we have laid down the following points.

Differences between Infrared and Traditional Sauna

You need to understand the points of difference when deciding between a traditional and an infrared sauna. Without further delay, the following are the points of differentiation between traditional and infrared saunas.

Prevailing Temperature in the Sauna Room

The first and foremost difference between an infrared and traditional sauna is the temperature that prevails in the respective sauna rooms. The usual temperature that you will find in an infrared sauna room will range from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Twenty percent of the total heat generated inside the infrared sauna rooms have their utility for heating the air present in the room. And the rest of it, that is, eighty percent of the heat, finds its way to your body, and your skin readily absorbs it. Thereby the infrared sauna sessions bless you with sheer relaxation and comfort.

On the other hand, the traditional saunas have a temperature range that begins at 150 degrees Fahrenheit and ends at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the traditional sauna rooms makes your body sweat, and as the steam gushes out of the hot rocks, you enter into the heavenly sphere of relaxation.

Do you want to know that catch here? You will be able to spend a longer time in the sauna session in an infrared sauna room. Therefore, if you ask us which is more cost and time effective sauna type? We would say it is the infrared sauna.

Efficiency of Method

Another difference between an infrared and traditional sauna is its method of heating and its efficiency.

For the infrared saunas, you will have to wait for just 15 minutes to get the room’s optimum warm temperature. The heaters radiate infrared lights, and the air temperature does not play any influential or significant role.

While the traditional sauna rooms have a single heater and the air temperature is a significant factor there. The heated rocks are yet another important component of the traditional saunas. You find yourself sitting in a wooden room, by an electric heat with the steam coming from the stones that give a mystic aura of relaxation.


To determine which sauna type is more expensive, we must decide your frequency of saunas in a week. What would you prefer? Let us assume that you would want to have sauna sessions thrice a week and, therefore, determine which will be more pocket-friendly for you.

Far Infrared sauna, you will have to pay $10 per month. While, if you use traditional sauna sessions for an hour thrice a week, you will have to pay $20 per month.

At the expense of the traditional sauna, you can have an extended week of an infrared sauna session. So, infrared saunas are a win-win option here, too!

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Every type of sauna has low-maintenance requirements. But, if you want us to choose the ideal one for you, we will happily do so. Though the traditional sauna rooms are best for perspiration and pore cleansing, we recommend you go for infrared saunas. It is because they have lower maintenance requirements than the conventional sauna rooms.

Now, there is a significant field of difference between the traditional and the infrared saunas. Wondering what it is? Remember, earlier, and we asked you to have patience before revealing what benefits the two sauna types endow upon you? The time has come. Now we will be laying down the discussion about the benefits that you get from the two saunas. Also, it will help you compare the two ideally.

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Benefits you can receive

Let us begin the list with the benefits of traditional saunas. The following are the benefits that a traditional sauna session blesses you with, along with blissful relaxation.

  • To start with, it is a splendid quality to make you sweat. Also, the temperature of the traditional sauna rooms leads to the opening of the pores present in your body. As your pores open up, the process of cleansing enhances. Additionally, sweating has its benefits. Numerous toxins escape your body through sweat, and therefore, the traditional sauna can also be an ideal way of detoxification.
  • As you experience the heat, the metabolism rate of your body, too, amplifies. Consequently, you tend to have a better metabolic rate in your body.
  • Your cardiovascular system flourishes and nourishes through the traditional sauna room sessions. It is because the quality of circulation improves. It also reduces the chances of having cardiac arrest as it boosts the working of your cardiac system.
  • When you sweat, you lose calories. Therefore, it leads to your loss of body weight. Is it not the best way to lose weight? No workouts and only relaxation, yet you get your ideal body weight.
  • Reduces pain
  • It bestows anti-aging qualities and improves your immune system.
  • Your stress management and sleep pattern escalate.

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With that being laid down, we will now move on to the benefits that the infrared sauna sessions can treat you with now. Here are the points that highlight the benefits of an infrared sauna.

  • It helps you to tighten your skin.
  • It improves blood circulation in your body.
  • If you have a diagnosis of arthritis, infrared sauna sessions can significantly help you reduce pain. Even for the general joint and muscle pains, you can ideally opt the infrared sauna session for relief.
  • You get better sleep, and therefore you have a positive boost after the session that helps you work more efficiently.
  • Your body undergoes detoxification, and especially, your skin gets a new and enhanced glow.
  • You get to lose weight along with majestic relaxation in the best environment.

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We have reached the end of the discussion and comparison between the infrared sauna and the traditional sauna type. We have put forth all the necessary details that you require to compare the two. Now, it is time to decide the answer. The core component is the experience that one receives from the sauna sessions. And you must know that experience is the subject. Each one of us can prefer either of the two sauna types. Ut, if you ask about the other properties, we can see that the infrared sauna is in the lead. But, if you are conceiving a baby, or your age is too young or too old, or you have some chronic illness, or even you are prone to dehydration, it will be best to go by the phrase “old id gold” opt for traditional sauna.

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