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10 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets

Who does not want to get a perfectly shaped body? Maybe you have done the intense workout, excluded all the deliciousness from your diet, and still did not get the coveted result. Now, if we tell you that you can lose weight by simply lying down on your sofa, you probably will not believe me. 

But, it is true! Infrared sauna blankets will help you in this weight-loss journey. Probably we all know the effectiveness of infrared saunas in curing chronic aches, losing weight, and improving the immune system of the body. Now, the blanket is a more convenient version of the therapy. So, check out our blog to clarify your doubts regarding this product.

Benefits of an infrared sauna blanket

Infrared sauna blankets provide hundreds of health benefits, while the user only needs to lay down! But why is an infrared sauna blanket so effective? It is because the sauna method uses light to create heat energy. Such saunas do not warm the ambient air and directly heat the body. 

As a result, you will experience a cloudless sauna session. Now, you may ask what benefits the convenient sauna blankets provide? The infrared sauna blanket offers multiple health benefits like- fat burning, detoxification, enhanced metabolism, and improved immune system. 

Also, if you have chronic joint pain or muscle tension, the infrared sauna session will work on those issues. As the blanket lets the user sweat more, the body gets rid of toxins swiftly through perspiration. Thus the blanket helps the user to lose body fat smoothly. 

So, along with diet and workout, regular sauna sessions with these blankets will help you achieve fitness goals swiftly. Also, the minimal toxins will assist your body in building a healthy immune system and boosting metabolism. All these will accelerate the calorie-burning process of your body. 

How to use infrared sauna blanket properly

Hopefully, now, you know the optimal health benefits you will receive after using the infrared sauna blanket. But, after checking out the images of the product, it might be difficult for you to understand how to use the item. It is so easy. Let us tell you. 

The blanket is a piece of rectangular-shaped sauna equipment that resembles a sleeping bag. So, using it is easy. You only need to plug in the blanket and lay it down flat. Then get into the blanket and set the suitable temperature and timer. 

Now, you only need to sweat for your desired period. But, keep an eye always on the temperature settings and disconnect the blanket if you get a burning feeling. Although premium quality infrared sauna blankets never cause such accidents, it is better to stay cautious. 

Experts recommend wearing loose cotton clothing while using infrared sauna blankets. Also, make sure you keep yourself hydrated before and after the sauna session. Else, the phenomenon can lead to dehydration. 

You can also drink water during the sauna session to make the therapies more effective. So, now you can enjoy your infrared sauna blankets while binge-watching your favorite shows. 

Best infrared sauna blanket

Hopefully, now you have comprehended what benefits you will get after using the infrared sauna blanket. We have done the legwork for you. Below we have shared the review of the best-infrared sauna blankets you will find in the market. 

Gizmo Supply Blanket Far Infrared FIR Sauna Blanket

  • Come with waterproof and delicate material.
  • Feature three independent heating zones for the torso, waist, and lower body.
  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 77°-176° Fahrenheit.
  • Dimension is ‎39 x 6.3 x 27.2 inches.

Gizmo supply infrared sauna blanket features a premium-quality waterproof and soft fabric that provides ultimate comfort while using. Also, the manufacturers have tailored the heating wires that endure any sleeping positions. 

Since the blanket features velcro tape and premium-quality PVC material, it retains heat for longer. Plus, you can swiftly operate the controller to set 3 different temperatures for distinct parts of your body. The user can adjust the heat within a range of 77°-176° Fahrenheit.


  • The easy-to-carry blanket provides the convenience you can use it anywhere.
  • Help you burn almost 500 calories within 30 minutes.


  • Need to face the hassle of pressing several buttons to get the required temperature.

TTLIFE 2 Zone Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Oxford Sauna Blanket

  • While the outer material is PU oxford cloth, the inner cloth is waterproof PVC fabric.
  • Come with flexible tensile capability even in several sleeping positions.
  • If anything unusual happens, the heating process automatically gets stopped.
  •  The frequency is 50HZ-60Hz, and the voltage is 110V.

TTLIFE infrared sauna blanket features a deep penetrating capacity. That is why it promotes blood circulation procedures and helps your body get rid of toxins. Also, you can use the rug to enhance your metabolism and slow down the aging process. Plus, a user can set the temperature within a range of 35°-75° Celsius for 15-60 minutes. 

Also, for safety reasons, the blanket features an automatic stoppage facility. The rug automatically stops the heating process to prevent any accident or burning event if any unusual happens.


  • Release your hand during the sauna session due to the unique design of the sauna blanket.


  • You might find it challenging to set the perfect temperature.

LCL Beauty Fully Digital Infrared European Sauna Blanket

  • The high-end fabric of the blanket retains heat for longer.
  • Promote blood circulation to your body.
  • The adjustable temperature settings help you lose fat speedily.

LCL beauty infrared sauna blanket is one of the premium quality blankets available in the market. You will achieve your fitness goal and get rid of several health issues with the help of this infrared sauna blanket. While the product helps the fat molecules to dissolve, the item also enhances the metabolic rate. 

The entire digital sauna blanket detoxifies both your internal system and your skin. That is why users found a noticeable change in their bodies after using the product for several months. 


  • If you have chronic joint aches and sinus issues, the sauna blanket will be effective for you.

O hUkOeR Far-Infrared (FIR) Sauna Blanket

  • Feature power capacity 650w, frequency from 50HZ to 60Hz, and voltage from 110V to 240V.
  • While the inner fabric is top-quality waterproof PVC, the outer material is PU.
  • Automatically stop the heating procedure if any abnormalities occur.

O hUkOeR Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket effectively dissolves fat tissue for the deep penetrating capacity. It completes the process by penetrating, refracting, radiating, and reflecting the heat energy. Plus, the premium quality fabric of the blanket holds heat for longer to speed up the calorie-burning process. 

While the highest temperature setting does not exceed 75° celsius, you can set the timer up to 60 minutes. Also, the blanket can automatically turn off the heating procedure in case of any unusualness.


  • Offer heat all over your body during your sauna session to accelerate the fat-burning process.


  • Medical professionals do not recommend the product for cardiac patients and pregnant women.

Loozys Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket

  •  The dimension of the blanket is 67 x 33 x 2 inches.
  • Come with top-quality fabric like- PU and PVC.
  • Provide a high-temperature setting of 185° Fahrenheit.

It is needless to say that an infrared sauna utilizes light to create warmth. Loozys far-infrared sauna blanket also follows this rule. So, it directly heats the body to promote the fat-burning process. Also, the premium quality PU material and PVC fabric make the sauna blanket hold the heat for longer. Plus, the durable heating wire can endure all kinds of bends and stretches.


  • The blanket is convenient to use, and you can carry it anywhere.


  • Heat up speedily and even catch fire. So follow the instructions while using the sauna blanket.

Ariana Spa Supplies : 3 Zone Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket

  • Come with adjustable temperature ranges from 77°-185° Fahrenheit. 
  • Feature a dimension of 66 x 32 inches. 
  • The premium quality PU and PVC fabric of the product provides optimal comfort. 
  • The FIR technology helps the human body get rid of fat and toxins smoothly. 

When the far-infrared rays of the blanket penetrate the subcutaneous tissues, it converts into heat energy from light energy. Then the heat stimulates the blood vessels and promotes the blood circulation process. As a result, the human body starts eliminating toxins through sweat. So, you can smoothly enhance your metabolic rate and achieve your fitness goals while using the Ariana infrared sauna blanket. 


  • As the sauna blanket features three zones of the infrared heating attribute, you can set different temperatures for different body parts. 


  • Only one year of warranty on the product. 

SILKFUN Infrared Personal Sauna Blanket

  • Improve the body’s metabolism. 
  • Come with a safety control box to prevent any mishap. 
  • The convenient remote control amenity will make your sauna session more enjoyable. 
  • The premium quality Oxford fabric makes the outer layer more durable. 

Since the product comes in a dimension of 78 x 39 inches, anyone can fit this sauna blanket. Also, the Oxford cloth and waterproof PVC fabric make the blanket more comfortable and high-grade. It takes only 3 minutes to complete the heating procedure. Plus, if the control box’s temperature crosses the highest point, the heating process stops automatically. 


  • Lose weight while lying down with the help of a SILKFUN infrared sauna blanket. Nothing makes a weight-loss journey more enjoyable. 
  • Proper usage of the blanket will help you have glowing skin within a few days. 


  • The fabric can spread a foul odor that can make the sauna session a bit unpleasant. 

Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine


  • The dimension of the blanket is 40.16 x 5.51 x 18.11 inches. 
  • The lightweight blanket weighs only 15.32 pounds. 
  • Come with premium quality fabric. 

The supersize infrared sauna blanket will make your fitness journey more comfortable and enjoyable. While the outer section of the item features premium quality PU fabric, the inside portion comes with waterproof PVC material. So, you can imagine the product’s efficacy since it features premium quality cloth. 


  • The 3-zones temperature attribute makes the sauna session more effective. 


  • If you try to initiate your sauna session with this supersize blanket, you need a spacious area. 

FoodKing Sauna Blanket FIR Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

  • The sauna blanket features a 3-zones facility. 
  • Come with high-end PU and PVC material. 

If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking for a perfect infrared sauna blanket, then the FoodKing sauna blanket can be a great choice. Since the item allows you to set 3 different temperatures for three separate body zones, your entire body can lose fat while using it. The product initiates both the slimming and detoxifying process in your body. 


  • Your body will get a chance to detox while using the sauna blanket. 


  • Some users found that the blanket gets heated up only to 76°.

Eastmagic Digital FIR Far Infrared Sauna Slimming Blanket


  • Features adjustable temperature ranges from 77°-167° Fahrenheit. 
  • Come with a 60 minutes timer. 
  • The item provides an amenity of 3 distinct channels for separate temperature settings and timers. 

The high-end PU fabric and waterproof PVC material provide ultimate safety and comfort during the sauna session. Also, the Eastmagic infrared sauna slimming blanket helps you burn calories and promotes healthy blood circulation in the body. As a result, you will receive ultimate health benefits from using it. 


  • If you want to lose weight fast, this blanket can provide you with the coveted result. 

Final thought

You can use the infrared sauna blanket for several health issues. So, if you have obesity, poor metabolism, body aches, or sinus, regular sauna sessions with the blankets will help you a lot. But, we do not recommend it for people with serious health problems. 

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