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How to Make a Sauna in Your Bathroom

People from Finland first felt the necessity of sauna years ago. The Finnish people invented a small room for steam or hot-air baths, and now we call the rooms sauna. While such baths are great for relaxation, they will also provide relief to the aching muscles and joints of the user. That is why people, after a long day at work, love to spend a decent amount of time for the sauna sessions. Plus, you can even binge-watch your favorite series, shuffle your playlist or read any books while taking the steam bath.

Saunas are a great way of relaxing your mind and body, releasing mental pressure. But, anyone will admit that saunas at the gym or parlor are expensive. Many people do not want to spend that amount of money regularly only to get a warm bath. Still, they can feel the cravings for the after-sauna relaxation. So, if you are also in this shoe, you can create the exact sauna environment in your bathroom. How? Scroll down the page to know more.

Ways to make a sauna in your bathroom

Maybe you want to have a steam bath after dealing with plenty of hassles every day. But, you cannot afford to go to the gym or parlor every day to have a sauna. In that scenario, you can smoothly create a sauna environment in your bathroom with only a few things.

It will take you some minutes to gather several items and make your washroom a perfect spot for a sauna. Below we have shared the detailed steps of replicating a sauna in your bathroom.

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Start preparing the sauna space

  • First, you need to increase the upper range of the water heater. Since the sauna requires plenty of hot water, you can temporarily raise the upper range of temperature to 140° Fahrenheit. But, always make sure to turn down the upper-temperature limit of your water heater to 120°-130° Fahrenheit after the sauna. Otherwise, the dazzling heat can burn you.
  • Selecting the perfect bathroom is another vital task. You cannot make a sauna in a washroom of any size because gigantic bathrooms fail to trap the heat for longer. So, select the coziest restroom in the house to create a perfect sauna spot. Also, if the toilet naturally features warmth, it will be a bonus. Then, recreating a high-temperature environment in such rooms will not be that difficult.
  • A clean space will make your sauna session more effective. Since optimal sauna experience solely depends on the amount of relaxation you receive after having the steam bath, a dirty washroom can ruin your sauna experience. That is why remove the pile of laundry from the bathroom. Also, clean the countertop, bathtub, and the dirty floor of your restroom before starting the sauna. A clean and shiny washroom can naturally elevate your mood anytime you enter there.
  • Dim lights and aromatic candles will provide you with a high-end sauna experience. If you achieved optimal calmness, then your sauna experience was great. That is why we suggest recreating the luxurious sauna ambiance by dimming the harsh lights of the bathroom and lighting up some aromatic candles. You can also use calming aromas, like lavender, rose, or tea tree. You can even use jasmine or sandalwood to calm your senses.
  • Close all the doors and windows tightly to trap the heat. Since recreating a steam-bath ambiance is nothing but trapping heat in a small room for longer, closing all the vents is vital in this procedure. Also, try to cover all the cracks and gaps in your restroom doors and windows. Plus, if your washroom windows have drapes or curtains, close them perfectly. Remember your bathroom should not feature any open or drafty areas. In that scenario, it will be impossible to trap the heat for longer to recreate a successful sauna.
  • Cover leaky areas for more insulation. Generally, all the doors of houses feature leaks at the bottom, and your washroom door is no different. In that case, the bathroom door can leak the heat and ruin all your sauna setup. So, place a thick, rolled-up towel at the bottom of the door.

It will also be effective when you recreate a sauna environment in the winter season. Remember, insulation is vital while replicating the sauna environment in your bathroom. The more you insulate, the greater the sauna experience you will achieve.

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Enjoying the sauna

  • Now comes the best part of your makeshift sauna. Although you can experience a sauna just by letting your tub fill it with hot water, following some steps prior can let you achieve the optimal steam bath experience. That is why we suggest showering before starting the sauna. Since a thorough shower cleanses your body and removes any greasiness, it will elevate your sauna experience. Also, the greasy film on the skin prevents your body from sweating. Plus, showering even helps remove makeup or any product from your skin. Otherwise, all the makeup products can get dissolved due to sweating. Even the dissolved makeup can irritate your eyes and skin during the sauna session. That is why showering before the sauna is vital to achieving a luxurious steam bath experience.
  • Before initiating the sauna procedure, remove your accessories, contact lenses, and glasses. The hot steam of the sauna can make your metal jewelry blazing hot. Also, wearing any accessories during the sauna session can be so uncomfortable. That is why we suggest removing glasses, contact lenses, and jewelry before starting the sauna.
  • Now, close the bathtub drain to hold the hot water in the tub. To get the high-end sauna experience, put a few drops of aromatic oil in the water. Now, sit next to the tub in a comfortable position to inhale the steam. Also, close your eyes to achieve the ultimate relaxation.

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Bottom line

After enjoying the sauna, take a cold or lukewarm shower to lower your body temperature. Also, remember to apply a moisturizer on the skin to get an effective sauna result.

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