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How to Build a Sauna in Your Basement

After a long and tiring day, a sauna can help you relax and allow your mind and body to become stress-free. The calming temperature helps the body to release endorphins and improve blood circulation. This also helps the body get rid of unwanted and mild pains and aches. A sauna is greatly beneficial as it helps the body to detoxify and naturally expel impurities. Saunas soothe the sore and strained muscles. It helps to improve the quality of the skin and improve metabolic rate. And when all these facilities come in handy, and you end up having a sauna at your own house, life becomes much easier.

A sauna could be considered a healthy and relaxing way of leisurely passing time with close friends or family members. And if this could be within the four walls of your house that might be very enthusiastic. Well, there is quite a possibility that you can build a sauna at your house. All you simply need is to follow a few steps. A few basic tools and a well-skilled architect can fulfill your dream of having your sauna at your house.

Here are a few guidelines that you can take into consideration.

Figuring an accurate place for your sauna

We already have decided on the basement, and a corner would be perfect, to be precise. The idea of selecting a corner will be accurate as it would already have two out of the four walls. Thus, it will be a bit more pocket-friendly. In addition to that, it also saves your precious energy and time. Moreover, the extra benefit of choosing the corner of the exterior wall lets the air escape. To cut costs and materials, try to build a small sauna. And this is how the corner is the perfect area for your sauna.

Measure and frame your sauna wall

Your sauna size will decide the material and cost. The bigger the sauna, the greater the maintenance cost. So, you must take the correct measurements of your sauna and buy materials accordingly. It can be a big or a small one according to your budget. But, just like your shower measurements, you must go for the purpose that fits you well.

For a better infrastructure of your sauna, you must frame your wall vertically, followed by lining them horizontally. Remember to leave off the four-inch gap between your exterior and your sauna walls. Then you will be free to set your walls and your ceiling accordingly.

Install your heater power lines

A great plan can work wonders. So you must plan what should be the perfect size of your sauna, which will determine the size of your heater. If your sauna is a comparatively smaller one, a heater that operates with 120 volts will do the work perfectly fine. If you have a bigger sauna and have to install a bigger heater, it will require 240 volts.

Now your heater requires a power line. So you need to run a power line to your heater. You can always try to save your money by doing this task yourself, but we would highly recommend getting an experienced electrician to do this task. If you plan for an electrician, do remember to mention to him the voltage you are planning to supply. Maintain all the electric equipment, and the rest should go as planned. Read: Best sauna heater.

Install your sauna walls

 The best option would be to install 0.5-inch plywood. Then the installation will go on the ceiling, floor, and exterior and interior walls of your sauna. The tight installations of these walls are to be made sure as you do not want your walls to fall apart. Then you can go for a stain or paint for the sauna wall as per your choice. Also, panels from a sauna DIY kit can be used to install it on your wall. Then the installation of the plywood would do better. This will bring more rigidity and robustness to your sauna. Then you can install the cedar boards on the interior walls.

Installation of cedar woods on your wall

Even though we want our sauna, we would prefer not to damage our walls. So just in case you want to add that extra protection to the wall underneath, you can add an extra layer to the interior. All you need to do is create tongue-and-groove edges on the cedar boards. Use of a bench saw will be recommended. Then use zinc plated screws to ensure that they are fastened onto them. This will hold better steam in your sauna as it will achieve a tighter fit.

Install your heater

The corner of your sauna will be the perfect place to install your heater. If you decide to place it in the middle of the floor, that should not harm you. But before you buy your heater, make sure it is designed for a sauna. Ensure accurate cables are connected to the heater and that accurate voltage is supplied to the heater.

Add additional comforts to your sauna

You can always decide to beautify your sauna with additional items of your choice. Towels, essential oils, fragrant candles, beverages, and other accessories can always be chosen as a part of decoration and can be placed according to your liking anywhere inside your sauna. You can always end up arranging your sauna anyway you want it.


As it is quite clear that installing a sauna involves both water and electricity, you should handle all the inside work with care. You should ensure no contact between the power cables. Rest it will go as planned, and the perfect sauna will come into shape.

Custom saunas

Sauna kits have always been a better choice for people considering smaller spaces or coming to a settlement with a limited budget. These saunas are excellent and come fully assembled. They are ready to be set into position and hooked up to the essential utilities. They’re easily available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, with varying useful facilities.

It really does not matter how much of an expert you are, and it is always more satisfactory to consult with a professional before installing a custom yourself to make certain that there remains not the slightest chance of leakage of water supply or any chances of short circuits.


And, now that we are at the end of all the technological and decorative aspects of building a sauna in our basement. You should know you have gathered quite a good knowledge and information and covered all the inquiries you had. I hope you have a fun experience building up your basement sauna.

If you find yourself in any trouble with the installation, please contact a professional.

Good luck with your work!

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