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How Much Does a Sauna Cost?

Installing a Sauna is a fantastic thing to do for your home and health. It is so as it leaves you sweating without even going out of your home. Saunas have a great advantage for your health, such as providing relief to your body right after exercises and even helping blood circulation. However, choosing the best sauna for the comfort of your home and health is a matter of concern. So you need to decide carefully about the type of sauna you want for your home. It may differ in terms of material, size and cost. On the other hand, if you want to customize your sauna or buy a readymade sauna for your home, the prices may vary. However, you can expect to get them in a range of $3000-$34000.

There are various sauna types present in the market, according to your health and preferences. A home sauna would cost you around $3000-$10000. If you are searching for an outdoor sauna, it will cost you approx $2300-$14000. While personalizing your sauna will make you spend around $34000. An infrared sauna is a unique one, costing you between $2300-8500. On the other hand, the overall expenditure included in the sauna installation is somewhat between $300 to $2500.

What is the cost of a home sauna?

If you are thinking of installing a home sauna as per the size of your home, then you can go for an 8x5ft or 40sqft. It is due to the average calculation for a home sauna and can accommodate up to 3-4 family members. Such a home sauna may cost you from $110 to $120 per sq ft.

On the other side, while looking for a readymade sauna such as the 96 sq ft styled for your indoor. It can hold up to 5-7 members of your house. Perhaps, the prices would be $6000 or even more than that. Thus, this will cost you over $65-$75 per sq ft. However, installing a sauna may vary according to fabric, shape, size, and labor cost.

If you have a few members at your house, you may require a sauna suitable for one or more persons, and it will cost you between $1,000 to $1,500. Also, you can install this sauna at your preferred location inside your home effortlessly. But if you are inexperienced in such activity, always call a professional expert to install your home sauna, as it involves plumbing and electricity skills. Also, ensure that your home sauna has a perfect draining facility and it does not produce any fault while you are inside the sauna.

If you want to install a sauna all by yourself, it may cost you as little as $2,300. But if you hire a professional installer, it may even go up to $34,000. A readymade sauna kit has the necessary materials to install an independent sauna. Moreover, a readymade sauna box makes your old room into a new sauna room.

On the other hand, if you want to install a big-sized sauna for your inside, you can always hire a professional expert who will ensure your heating element, windows, and exits are correctly sealed. If you do not hire such professionals, you may encounter a heater instead of a home sauna for your family members.

What is the overall expenditure of an indoor sauna?

Indoor saunas are present in readymade stores, and the price of installing an indoor sauna will rarely change unless there is a labor cost involved in it. Despite where your home is, the overall expenditure required to build an inside sauna remains the same as stated above except for the labor charges.

On average, building an indoor sauna room may price you up to $11,500. It is due to the cost of materials used in creating a sauna room which includes woods and heating elements. Also, it depends on whether you have a personalized sauna or a ready-made one.

On the other hand, an indoor sauna can take up to one or a few more days for the installation to complete. Indoor Sauna is believed to provide health benefits that include stress burst, detoxification of your skin, improved blood circulation, and may even comfort your muscle ache. Hence, a home sauna session may cost you around $0.25-$0.50 or $4-$8. It includes electricity or woods used.

What do the things involved in your home sauna cost?

The cost of a home sauna does not change as they are often ready-made. But the actual cost of installing or customizing a sauna may vary. The installation process requires different techniques and a fee for hiring a professional expert or a labour cost. Now, let us check below what factors varies the cost of installing a home sauna:

Labor Cost

If you hire someone to install the sauna at your home, you have to pay an additional fee for the installation process. It increases your sauna cost, which may fall between $800-$1200.

On the other side, if you are thinking of DIY, you may require an electrician and a plumber to do the remaining part. Hiring an electrician may cost you $45- $200 approximately while a plumber will charge you from $50 to $100 every hour.


Warranties are an added advantage, but it depends on the type of store from where you have bought the sauna. Moreover, a warranty is present on the sauna with a price ranging between $300-$1,200. A warranty also indicates the actual lifespan of the sauna. Thus, it is always best to consult a professional expert while buying a sauna.

It is because the sauna you are buying for your home requires repair over time, and it may even cost you up to $170-$600. Thus, making it the best sauna for you to buy.


There are a variety of readymade saunas available for you in the market. Thus, giving you a wide variety of choices that you can prefer to install at your home. The materials may be the wood quality or different fabrics used in it. Depending on the type of material you choose to décor your sauna, you will also have the option to install a window, and therefore, it may result in a higher cost of your sauna from $100 to $300. On the other hand, the cost of installing a window may also depend on the window’s size and fabric.

What is the cost of a custom-built sauna?

A custom-built sauna has a lot of features that you can desire. It will offer you enough options to personalize a sauna to make it more interesting. You can also customize the size of your sauna as per your choice. Moreover, it will give you an alternative to choose a fabric from an extensive collection of materials.

You will have a variety of preferences that you can look for in your saunas, such as a hot, steam, wood-burning, or infrared sauna. But these choices are given for some readymade saunas as well. However, it depends on the type of Sauna Company that will offer you the different sauna varieties you are looking for.

The sauna material varies incredibly as the cost of wood changes depending on the type of wood quality you are looking for. Some wood types may rarely be available to you as it comes from different places. However, you may even choose other materials as well, such as fibreglass or acrylic. It may also even prove to be better for an extended period, though the repair cost involved in it may be higher.

Besides, there is some good quality wood whose costs are higher as per square foot, such as the pine, which is around $2–$4, Cedar for $3–$7, Spruce for $4–$8, Hemlock for $6–$9, Nordic White spruce for $13–$20 while Redwood for $30–$35.

Types of Saunas

Let us look at the different varieties of sauna that you can install in your home.

Dry Saunas

Among the various saunas available in the market, dry saunas are considered to be a good quality sauna. It is because it offers the best heating element. This type of sauna prefers to use electricity or gas such that it heats the rocks to deliver warmth. Also, you have to add the heating element price to the sauna’s cost.

Wet Saunas

Wet saunas or steam saunas offer you a steam bath. For this, you can pour water into the rocks. Thus, releasing steam which can make your entire room hot. Wet saunas are also a little expensive and may cost you $100 to $200.

Wood-Burning Saunas

Outdoor saunas can be the best décor with wood-burning saunas. However, they can cost you more as compared to other saunas. Wood-burning saunas prefer burning wood inside a vessel that can resist heat and thus create warmth for you. Moreover, the size of a sauna also affects its cost. Normal wood-burning saunas will cost you an additional fee, and that may even go up to $1,000.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are an outstanding one to choose from various other saunas as it has a unique heating facility. Infrared saunas focus on heating you. On the other hand, the cost of an Infrared sauna is way lower compared to wet-sauna or wood-burning saunas. Moreover, the average cost of an infrared sauna is somewhat $4,200. But the price of your infrared sauna may differ based on the wood quality and its size.

Final Words

We will always suggest you hire a professional expert for a sauna installation, and you must also take a careful observation of the estimates.

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