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Backyard or outdoor sauna has become one of the staples in many houses in the USA. It has evolved from a means of relaxation to the aromatic treatment of the people. Saunas come with numerous health advantages like improving heart function, weight loss, and detoxing. You can add a little cozy and stylish sauna in your backyard, which will allow you to enjoy a private steamy bathing session only with the chosen ones for as long as you want. 

Thus if you are already considering buying a backyard sauna, there might be several questions that you might want to have an answer to. You might also wonder if an indoor sauna will be more efficient than the backyard one. So to offer you a clear understanding of this equipment, we have noted down all the significant aspects of outdoor or backyard sauna.

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What do you mean by Backyard Sauna?

By sauna, we all know a small room built for the relaxation session of the user through dry and wet steam therapies. Backyard saunas are similar to conventional ones. The only difference is that they are located inside your house and on your lawn. Backyard saunas create steam with the help of heating sources which are water and heating stones. People can also install an infrared sauna outside their home, but they are mostly preferred inside. The backyard sauna is composed of special materials to deal with various temperature and weather alterations.

Backyard saunas are available in the barrel shape, which is cylindrical in size along with long staves. The manufacturer fits the staves together to encompass the back and front walls. The outdoor sauna comes with an easy-to-set-up kit that includes the structure, windows, doors, stove, lava rocks, and various other accessories to install it. The kit also contains a ladle, headrests, wooden foot, clothing hooks, and a water bucket.

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Difference between Indoor and Backyard saunas

It is now time to check out the primary differences between the backyard and indoor saunas.

The shape of the indoor saunas is mostly cubical or boxed. Backyard steam rooms, on the other hand, are available in different types of shapes.

You can complete venting inside the backyard sauna with ease, but their setup is complex. But indoor saunas are hassle-free to install and use

The space of the indoor saunas is more compact and smaller compared to the backyard steam room.

History of the Backyard Sauna

The outdoor sauna use started in the year 2000 BC in the northern parts of Europe. The first outdoor sauna built by humans is caved, covered with animal skin. The enduring heat and the sterilization through steam help people in those days to survive their everyday struggles. Many hospitals in ancient days also used a backyard sauna for giving birth to a child. They also use the steam room as their home during chilly winter months. The therapeutic and healing advantages of the sauna compel them to convert it as their holy grounds. The people in those days believed that backyard saunas include magical characteristics to heal various medical conditions. Historic outdoor saunas are also sometimes used for other purposes like washrooms, burial grounds, kitchens, and celebrations. Also read: Sauna history

Various Kinds of Backyard Sauna

The backyard saunas usually get categorized according to the following factors.

Source of Heat

Backyard steam room usually produces heat in two different ways, which are through infrared and conventionally. Let us take a quick look into the different types of garden saunas and how they operate. Also read: Best sauna heater

Conventional Sauna

They work like the rest of the traditional saunas and are also called steam or wet saunas. Their operating mechanism is simple. You have to put the sauna stones on the heater top while they will heat up. Sprinkle enough water on them, which will produce steam. The steam will begin circulating inside the room, enhancing the temperature and allowing you to sweat profusely. This type of steam room gives a genuine feel to the users. There are two ways through which you can warm a conventional sauna. They are as follows.

Wood Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove implements firewood to increase the rock temperature. It will automatically create an aromatically relaxing environment inside the sauna. There is no necessity for wiring to use this alternative, and you will require only a chimney to use this option.

Electric heater

In this alternative, the sauna uses an electric heater to increase the temperature of the sauna rocks with a faster turnaround time. You can also easily control the heating temperature inside the backyard sauna with an electric heater.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared outdoor saunas are more concentrated on the modern heat therapy approach. These devices operate by implementing infrared heaters for delivering radiant heat. Unlike conventional saunas, they do not warm up the entire room. The user’s body will soak up this steam which will make you sweat rapidly. The infrared saunas are perfect for detoxing the body and are well-proven to be more efficient than the conventional sauna.

Style of Backyard Sauna

There are numerous backyard sauna styles to select from for your home. If you want a simple one or a quaint model, a stylist or a modern one for relaxation, it is totally up to you. Now take a deep dig into the different sauna styles for your backyard below.

Pod Sauna

Pod sauna is one of the most recent styles, dominating the market. They exhibit a stylish and innovative raindrop appearance which offers additional headrest space to the users for enhanced comfort. It also comes with a fashionable overhang cove. The pod sauna includes triple-layered roofing for improved structure durability, and they do not need any insulation.

Kota Sauna

Kota sauna implements a modern designing approach. It is the only steam room that comes in a hexagonal form.

Barrel Sauna

Barrel sauna comes in a circular architecture and sheds all its water naturally. These devices are used indoors but are preferable for outdoor purposes. It comes with a faster heating time than the other types of sauna with an improved circulation of air.

Luna Sauna

Luna sauna includes a modern and attractive design. This eco-friendly steam room offers 2 tier benchers to the users that also include rounded corners. Luna sauna comes with an enormous inside area with two giant bronze tempered windows. They also allow satisfactory natural light to enter inside while you are relaxing in it.

Eagles Nest

Eagles nest fits well with any well-decorated house with three alternatives to select from. It includes a full-tempered glass door so that anyone cannot look inside to see what is happening.

Sizes of the Sauna

There is no specific backyard sauna with a concept of one size that will fit all. There are different types of sizes according to the space and energy efficiency. Some of them are as follows.

One person sauna

It is one of the smallest backyard saunas, ideal for sole users to rejuvenate and de-stress themselves alone. If you want to enjoy a sauna bath all by yourself, then this is the best solution. Also read: Best 1-2 person sauna

Four-person sauna

Four-person saunas are perfect for a family to have fun while relaxing.

Eight person sauna

It is the largest steam room present in the market, making it ideal for welcoming several guests here.

Two-person sauna

If you want to share the steam room with a companion, your best friend, or your spouse, then this should be the top preference for you.

Six people barrel sauna.

They are ideal for gathering related to therapeutic sessions.

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Final Words

When you install a backyard sauna and start using it, you will realize that this investment is worth it. Outdoor saunas will help you to rejuvenate your mind and body after every session. There will be no hassle finding the backyard sauna that will suit your requirements, shape, and size. Keep all the above aspects in mind and install the most effective option of having a team bath from your home.

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