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3 Person Infrared Sauna

A 3 or 4 person sauna is the best choice to have a spa-like experience. It is a spacious and luxurious sauna that lets you enjoy all the advantages of infrared therapy. You can enjoy yourself with your partner, kids, or friends, or you can also do hot yoga and stretch comfortably in it. All this enjoyment comes at a reasonable cost. Do not take this investment of buying a three-person sauna lightly. 

Different saunas are available in the market, making the final decision difficult. One of the main factors influencing your choice must be cost-effectiveness. Continue reading as we explore some of the best three-person saunas. 

How to choose the best-infrared saunas? 

Infrared saunas differ in shape, size, design, and price. You can buy a small sauna that fits 1-2 people, a large sauna that fits 3-6 people, an outdoor sauna, or a portable one. You get an option to choose from anything that you can think of. A 3 to 4 person sauna differs from the smaller one in terms of the number of heaters. In addition to having more carbon heaters, they are also more stylish and have more accessories. They offer chromotherapy, an advanced sound system, more temperature levels, and so on. Consider the following factors while buying an infrared sauna:

The material used in making

Manufacturers implement two materials for making three-person saunas: Canadian Cedarwood and Canadian Hemlock. Canadian Red Cedar wood offers features such as beauty, color variations, refreshing aroma, and resistance to rot. Also, it is durable, a good heat insulator, and has microbial properties. It offers resistance to fungus and oils that aid detoxification. 

Canadian Hemlock is odor-free, and is hypo-allergic, and offers outstanding strength to weight ratio. It is a popular choice because of its low price. Make sure plywood and chemically treated wood is not used in making saunas. 


EMF rating is an exceptionally significant factor to consider. The EMF saunas rating varies, and the one offering lower reading must get preferred. A low rating makes saunas safe to use. Saunas with ultralow EMF usually cost more. 

Far infrared heaters 

Carbon heaters are better than ceramic heaters as they heat up 30% faster, making them energy efficient. It means enjoying the spa and saving electricity simultaneously. The best three-person saunas have 7 to 10 energy-efficient carbon heaters inside. 

Best 3-person saunas 

If you are planning to buy a 3-person sauna, do look at the following options.

JNH Lifestyles

JNH Lifestyles sauna is composed of the best quality Canadian Hemlock with double-layer protection. It consists of 8 carbon fiber far infrared heaters. These heaters get equally spaced to provide optimal heat from each side. You can construct this sauna using the Tongue and groove method, so no need for any special tools for assembling. The double layer of material provides better heat insulation. The additional features you get are 2 Bluetooth speakers, an amplifier, interior LED lights, time settings, a built-in AUX control, and a digital controller for temperature. All the components are listed by UL and ETL approved. 

This sauna is 6.3 inches high, 4.11 inches wide, and 3.3 inches broad. The dimensions of the seating bench are 1.6 inches, and the overall weight is 323 pounds. It can heat up to 140 F in 30 minutes, and the EMF rating is three gausses. It is a well-known product with all the featured accessories.

Blue Wave 3-person infrared sauna

This sauna is composed of high-quality solid wood Canadian Hemlock and will let you enjoy it in style. It has comfortable wooden backrests to accommodate three people. The beautiful interior is enclosed behind scratch-resistant tempered glass doors. It consists of 7 heaters that spread heat equally in all the structure corners. A chromotherapy system gets integrated to alter infrared lights according to your mood. Breathe freely inside the sauna, thanks to the included air purifiers. Other included accessories are a stereo sound system, a CD player, radio connection for smartphones, easy-to-use LED controls, and a towel and magazine stand. 

The power source type of this sauna is corded electricity. It is 53 inches wide, 53 inches broad, and 75 inches high. It comes with a seventh-year warranty from the manufacturers. You get a free replacement of all the accessories within the warranty period. It is a spacious sauna warming up quickly and is the best choice to consider.

Sante Fe Infrared 3-Person Carbon Sauna

Sante Fe infrared sauna fits in the beauty of any household, made from high-quality and heat-insulating Canadian Hemlock. It has seven carbon heaters that spread the heat equally on all three people sitting inside. The product includes accessories like a CD player with mp3 plumbing, backrest, dual interior and exterior LED control panels, color mood light, magazine rack, and towel hooks. The glass door is bronze-tinted, and the maximum attainable temperature is 141 degrees F. This sauna has a great build, ultra-low EMF radiation, high quality, plenty of accessories, ease of assembly, and outstanding cedar wood quality. It is super easy to assemble. When done by two people, it is a mere act of two hours.

Dynamic Saunas Maxxus for 3 people

Dynamic Mic saunas Maxxus is an outstanding product for three people. It is made from high-quality Canadian Hemlock, making it super affordable compared to saunas made from Canadian Red cedarwood. It heats up in ten minutes, making it very energy efficient. It means you can enjoy the sauna without worrying about electricity bills. The interior offers three comfortable benches and seven low EMF far infrared carbon heaters. Three heating panels are situated on the rear wall, one every on the back wall, one on the floorboard, and one under the bench. The maximum temperature to which you can operate it is 140 degrees F. 

The interior gets enclosed behind a beautiful bronze-tinted tempered glass door with side windows. It is rectangular and can fit at any location, like a master bath, a small bath, basement, garage, or carpet. The interior wooden planks measure 6mm, and the length of the exterior inner frame is 1.13 inches. It is a good value for money product. 

Bottom Line 

Sauna-ing has outstanding benefits, and what’s bigger than experiencing a spa with friends or family at the comfort of your house. A 3-person infrared sauna is, however, a massive investment to make. We recommend considering various options and then choosing the most cost-effective one. 

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